Yes, Mom . . .

Yes, I can . . .

Yes . . . I want ice cream.

Yes . . . I'm going to the movies.

Yes . . . I’ll be a superhero.

Yes . . . of course I want a new car – make it a batmobile!

Yes, I'll try to pray.

Something happens when we say 'yes.'

When I think about, some of the best things that I have experienced in life … I said, 'yes' to. I said 'yes' to being on a soccer team, I said 'yes' to going on a mission trip, I said 'yes' to a relationship with Christ.

I have seen over and over that one of the main reasons people feel isolated and don’t have the kind of friendships, relationships, or community they want in their lives is that they habitually say “no” to invitations and opportunities to be around people and interact with people. They say “no” so often and so consistently that it’s become a habit they don’t even know they have.

Spend a few minutes now, or next time you are driving or waiting in line, remembering some of the positive 'yeses' in your life. Below are three different levels of 'Yeses':

  1. 'Yesssss': This yes is easy. Do you want ice cream? Would you like a raise? These yeses seem to be very natural and just happen automatically.
  2. 'Yes': This 'yes' may be more challenging. This is saying yes to going to the gym, going to dinner with a group of people you might not know, and possibly dancing if it's not your style.
  3. 'Ye . . . s': This yes is the hardest. These yeses are to the more difficult questions in life that will potentially affect the path you take.

There are different 'yeses' in life. And, saying 'yes' changes us. With all of our 'yeses' in our life, we need to prayerfully discern what we are called to do.

Jesus invites us everyday into a deeper relationship with Him. How will you respond? Some days it’ll be the first kind of yes – easy and exciting. Other days it may be challenging to say “yes” but you know it’s what you want to say to God. And then there are those inevitable days when you can barely get the “yes” out. Regardless of which yes it is, responding to God with openness is a sure way to allow Him to do awesome things in your life.

Spend some time thinking about Mary’s openness to God’s invitation at the Annunciation. She was the first one who said 'Yes' to Christ and because of it God did amazing things with her life and for the salvation of the whole world. Let's remember her yes and imitate it in our own lives.

Question: What has God asked you to say yes to?

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Kelly Colangelo

I got an award for having the neatest hand writing in second grade, my mom did my homework. I’m not a morning person; I love ketchup, blueberry cake donuts and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I want to go to heaven… and take as many people with me with as possible. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram at Kelly Colangelo.