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Holy Saturday Devotional


“Restless” by Audrey Assad


The Fourteenth Station from Mary’s perspective:


As we walk this path to new life, let us pause to reflect on the last Station, Jesus is laid in the sepulcher. He, child, is laid at my breast first then taken by the men to be buried in the tomb made for Him unknowingly by His disciple Joseph of Arimathea.

Now reflect on the scene: The men, knowing darkness will fall soon, know they must take the body for burial. But first, the mother.

How can we take her beloved Son from her? In such grief she reposes with Him, in such heartache. She knows now the true meaning of sacrifice – sacrificial offering – it is her Son, her God.

As she reflects this day, she sees the hearts of all the children laid out before her. She knows, ahead lies the salvation of all mankind – but she does not know how it will be carried out. She does not see in her grief, the plan of salvation, beyond her love for her Son. She does not understand completely – but she gives her heart over to her Lord, and asks now for peace of soul for her Son. ‘Rest in peace, my Beloved. I will understand when you lead me to an understanding. I will know, when you wish me to know.’ All is fulfilled now in His death.

To His resurrection we look now, not understanding its implications or how it will be carried out. I trust. I have to trust for He has said He will come back for me. I love Him so, but will miss the precious moments spent with Him. I will miss Him in my heart until He comes again and releases all from the bondage of sin and death. Now child, we wait. We wait in anguish and pain. We wait. I love you.

Now see the men take my Son. As they wrap Him and lay Him in the tomb, I again say good bye; knowing this is not ended – yet is; knowing there is new life – but not how; knowing my heart is stabbed with a knife – pierced through with pain; knowing I will miss His love, but somehow knowing, it is not gone.

The Fourteenth Station, stationscross.com


Lord, transform my heart into a place where you can dwell peacefully. Never leave me and give me the grace to never separate myself from you because of grave sins. I am constantly searching for happiness and rest in my life, I pray that I will always be reminded that only in you will I find true rest. Calm the storms in me oh God and satisfy me with your love. I love you and you are all I need.


Today as we wait to celebrate the Resurrection, enter in by setting aside some time to pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosaries. Meditate on how the Blessed Mother must have felt as she watched her Son being tortured and put to death. Offer up your rosary for all those who have recently died, especially the souls in Purgatory.


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