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Fast, Give, Pray… Repeat: A Wallpaper for Lent

Lent is one of my favorite liturgical seasons. I used to think that Lent was just a really sad time where we have to say “no” to everything. It was just a time of sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. I’ve come to realize that it’s a lot more than that. It’s an opportunity to say “yes,” or “fiat” as our Blessed Mother puts it, to the will of God and the love of Christ. So every year, I remind myself that when we fast, give, and pray, it’s not about just me saying “no” to the world, but “yes” to Christ.

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About the Author

Joe Sanchez

I'm a Texas born & raised creative seeking to imitate my Father as Creator. Currently in Arizona as Photographer & Front-End Developer for Life Teen I love art in its many forms, especially photography, film, and design. One of my favorite paragraphs in the Catechism is #2501. You can find me on Twitter as @LT_JoeS & on Instagram as @joesanchezjr

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