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Easter Sunday Devotional


“Oh, Great Love of God” by David Crowder


Our Lord is not primarily a teacher, He is a Savior. That’s the meaning of the word “Jesus”: He will save us from our sins.

Suppose we took a chalice as an example of what He did for us. Suppose the chalice were taken from the altar and made into a beer mug and delivered over to unholy uses, its shape and contour completely changed. Then it was found. How could it ever be restored again to the altar?

Well first of all, we would have to put it into a furnace, burn off the old shape and form, and hammer it again into the pattern of a chalice. Them we would bless it and restore it to the altar.

That is what God did with the human nature. He took this chalice of humanity, threw it into the fires of Calvary, where He was scourged and beaten, and then He was restored to a new shape on Easter and became the new creation. This is what He did with the pattern of human nature.

Fulton Sheen, an excerpt from “Through the Year with Fulton Sheen


God, You came, You died, and You rose from the dead – all to save my soul. Your resurrection means I do not have to experience death; my last breath in this world is my entrance into the next. With this knowledge, I ask for the grace to live my life looking forward to eternity. Help me to make every decision with You in mind. Thank you for making me a new creation. I am changed, I am yours, and I am grateful. Amen.


Today on Easter, thank God for all the things you’re grateful for. Make every decision today (and everyday) with the knowledge that you will rise on the last day because Christ conquered death – He is risen.

Just celebrate today. This is our day as Christians and Catholics.


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