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Daily Mass: Our Wake Up Call

To say that I’m not a morning person is an understatement: the snooze button is almost my very best friend. My brain can’t function until the caffeine seeps through my blood stream and I feel any text messages that I receive before 7 A.M. are just plain rude.

So, even though my alarm sound is the theme song from Tangled, it’s still hard to get out of my nice, warm, comfortable bed. The reality is I do get out of bed and because I do, this makes all the difference.

Daily Mass became part of my routine when I was in college, and because of Mass, I am a changed person.

I am reminded each day that Jesus loves me and is a very real part of who I am. Through His holy sacrifice — and my human one in getting up early for daily Mass, His grace and goodness transform me. Maybe you’re thinking, “but I just don’t feel anything at Mass,” or that,“Mass is boring.” These are common feelings, but we shouldn’t let these feelings or thoughts come between us and Jesus. We should realize that it’s how we respond to Christ’s call to be with Him daily that makes the difference in how we are receptive to Him.

Saint John Vianney said, “If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.”

Do you know what we do at Mass? The Mass is first of all a sacrifice – the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. Through the priest we offer Jesus, Body and Blood, to the Father, just as Jesus offered Himself to the Father on the Cross. We repeat – make present – Christ’s death and Resurrection. Through this memorial of Jesus, we offer God our praise, sorrow for our sins, and deepest thanks. Total awesomeness!

In case that doesn’t have you convinced, here are three more reasons to get out of bed for daily Mass:

  1. Daily Mass gives us the armor we need to fight this earthy battle. Let’s face it: life is not full of roses. It’s hard! By receiving the Eucharist, we are strengthened.
  2. Christ is our foundation for life. In the words of St. Pio, “It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass.”
  3. The more we attend Mass, the more we grow in holiness. The Lord constantly loves us, heals us, and desires to make us whole. Scripture reminds us, if we do not eat His Flesh and drink His Blood, we have no life in us. Only by the grace of God do we have life.

When your alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze. Jump out of bed, jump for Jesus: Go to daily Mass!

“Do this in memory of me.” Luke: 22:19

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Kelly Colangelo

I got an award for having the neatest hand writing in second grade, my mom did my homework. I’m not a morning person; I love ketchup, blueberry cake donuts and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I want to go to heaven… and take as many people with me with as possible. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram at Kelly Colangelo.