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Catholic Companies to Support this Christmas

From the time I got in my car, I knew this was a mistake. It was dangerously close to Christmas and I hadn’t bought a single gift. But, the glimmer of hope remained in the fact that I had a list and a game plan – I knew where to shop, and precisely what I needed to buy at each store. This last-minute shopping venture was going to be grand! I’d get in and out of this mall in about 30 min!

Three hours later…

What those happy retail store commercials don’t tell you about shopping around the holidays is that the joy of giving is rooted much more deeply than finding the “perfect” present. What disappointed me so much about this failed shopping trip wasn’t the fact that I got gifts to give my family at Christmas, it was that the entire process was rushed and joyless, and I came home with empty pockets knowing that these gifts would get used and eventually forgotten.

I thought there must be a better way.

We give gifts to one another to celebrate this important holiday, but we also give to offer something of ourselves, to engage in a selfless act as a show of love. So, what if, this Christmas you thought a little bit deeper about the impact of your gifts? What if you considered not only how they are a gift to the person you are giving them to, but how they are a gift to the seller – the person behind creating those gifts?

This year, consider purchasing your gifts from the following Catholic Companies. Not only are the products beautifully made, but they support small businesses who also happen to be run by faithful Catholics like you and me!

For the friend who loves graphic tees:
The Living Person – men’s and women’s apparel

PAL Campaign – men’s and women’s apparel

Brick House in the City – Catholic women’s apparel

For the friend who loves a good motivational message or needs help decorating his or her space:
When Beauty Meets Truth – Original prints (Etsy shop)

Meaningful Market – apparel and household items

Fawnly Prints – prints and mugs

The Saints Project – original saint art

Emily Wilson Ministries – empowering prints and apparel

For the friend who loves jewelry and trinkets:
Tiny Saints – charms, rosaries, and books

Pink Salt Riot – jewelry and prints

My Saint My Hero – jewelry

For the friend who loves good music or a good inspirational talk:
Sarah Kroger – pre-order her new album, “Bloom”

Ike Ndolo – pre-order his new album, “Shine”

Andrew Laubacher – buy his album, “No Match for Love”

Matt Maher – buy his most recent album, “Echoes”

Josh Blakesley – buy his most recent album, “Even in This”

For the friend who loves books or needs a good new read:
Ave Maria Press

Franciscan Media

Word Among Us

Ignatius Press

For the friend who has everything, donate to one of the following nonprofits on their behalf:
Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Charities

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

For the friend who just wants to spend time with you:
Contact your local parish or diocese for a volunteer opportunity close to you that you can participate in with that friend.

For the presents that you have already planned that you really do need to use Amazon for:
Buy through Amazon Smile and support Life Teen. Just fill in Life Teen, Inc. as your charity.

For all of the above:
Life Teen – books, apparel, and donate

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