woman and man eating ice cream

25 Ways to Keep Dating Simple

Here are just a few tips that might help you keep dating a little less complex and a little more simple…

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two woman at the beach

Step Up Your Friend Game

Put on some classical music, light some candles, and throw a towel over your arm! Create an atmosphere of the utmost class to serve fine cuisine of grilled cheeses or peanut butter & jellies. Dazzle your guests away with some sparkling cider and it will be a sure crowd-pleaser.

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two woman hugging

How to Say “I’m Not OK”

Jesus showed us the grace in having help in our suffering even as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry his cross even to his death. Sharing our burdens with those we trust helps lighten the load of our crosses and means we are letting God work through those around us.

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heart shaped leaf

Compassion… with Emotional Boundaries

Empathy is a good thing; God gave us this gift so that we would be better able to care for one another with compassionate hearts. But, unchecked empathy — the kind that takes on someone else’s tragedy as your own and causes the spiraling — can actually be pretty harmful.

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a paper mache heart ripping

Hatred and Forgiveness

There are people in our lives that have hurt us, maybe are continuing to hurt us in some way. There are people who have betrayed us, embarrassed us, treated us so poorly. How can we possibly forgive, in the face of such anger? How can we find peace in the middle of such hurt?

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a person journaling

Service During COVID-19

Not just the elderly, but those who have cancer, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asthma, are pregnant, etc. We have a civic duty, and more importantly, a Christian duty, to protect them. In the coming weeks, when we grow tired and despondent from self quarantining, we must remember that human life is at the center of this, even if it is not our own life that is in imminent danger.

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women drinking coffee

21 Questions to Ask a Mentor

Be intentional with how you both think the mentorship would work best. Also, be intentional with the time spent together, and what conversations you have, and questions you ask. If you are having trouble coming up with meaningful things to talk about, here some questions to get you started…

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crying woman

When Friends “Break Up”

When I lost my friend, I lost the one person I could text at any time; even if I didn’t know what to say, we would start a conversation. I lost the one who understood when I was sad but would also make me smile, and I missed the way we could communicate with just a look.

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two men smiling

Saying Sorry 101

More than once I’ve been known to get in the pitfalls of a “bad” apology — apologies I might quickly challenge someone else on as inauthentic were roles reverse.

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a distraught woman looking at another woman smiling

Jealousy Doesn’t Look Good on You… Or Anyone

There’s a reason jealousy is often called the ugly green monster. It isn’t cute. In fact, it’s polarizing and brings others and ourselves down. What’s really attractive is joy, contentment, and peace.

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