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Learning to Lament

If you have, or currently have these questions in your mind and heart, where life right now feels quite overwhelming and nothing makes sense, please know that your questioning is valid and even has a name. Dear reader, you have been lamenting. Lamentation is also a form of prayer, often referred to as a prayer for help that comes from a place of deep suffering and pain.

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Praying with Scripture for Beginners

Scripture exists for us to know Jesus personally. That’s the purpose of prayer, as well. When we take Scripture to prayer, we should read it one story at a time, entering into that story and letting our own lives reflect it.

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Boredom Prayers

The thing about our faith is that it is ever-changing and always evolving — that includes our prayer life, too. Sometimes it is in these prayer ruts that we are able to discover new ways to pray and deepen our relationship with God. And sometimes where we find Him is in the most boring, mundane moments in our lives.

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Making Your at-Home Prayer Space

We as a Church know the importance of creating beautiful spaces in which to meet God. But, in this season, many of us are not able to worship in the spaces of our home parishes, and even praying privately in those spaces might look rather different. Making a space to pray at home then becomes all the more important.

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Never Enough

We must recognize that no matter how many virtual conferences or Instagram lives or Mass live-streams we attend, it will never be enough. But my friends. Do not grow complacent. Do not mistake this for the norm. We were made for more!

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Good Friday is Still Good

As we move through Holy Week in a way the Church never has before and might never again, I pray that our hope will rest in God alone. If we hope only in the goodness of situations or the favorable outcomes that might befall us, I think we’ll always be disappointed. But if we hope in God and His infinite goodness, we will never be let down.

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Mass During COVID-19

While abstaining from public Mass is an enormous loss —- our ability to participate digitally (in this 21st century age of Live Streaming and video recording) is a huge gain.

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Don’t Just Give Up Soda

So, with Lent here, in full effect, remember not to just mindlessly give up something like soda this fasting season. Instead, take the time to internalize the sacrifice you’ve made and try to reflect on the sufferings of Jesus during this time.

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40 Ways for 40 Days: Staying Rooted in Prayer this Lent

Let each of the following prayers act as an inch to your tree of faith this Lent. Each prayer is designed to lead you more deeply into this season and the majority can be prayed in 10 min or less. Pick and choose one prayer for each day or simply repeat one of these prayers for the 40 days of this season.

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To Everyone Who’s Ever Been Distracted at Mass

You wake up at 8 am on a Sunday to go to Mass with your family. You’re doing great during the readings, listening attentively, noticing connections between them. You even stay awake for the whole homily, even though you can’t quite understand the visiting priest’s accent.

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