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Actual Friend Goals

So often today we experience friendships of use. To be honest, half of my friends today only stick by me because I can make minute rice in 45 seconds. To combat this negative culture of snap-streak friendships, let’s look at some of the real ones who did it before us.

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If You’ve Ever Been Told Guys and Girls Can’t be Friends…

And knowing that God created human beings male and female but did not create men and women to relate to one another exclusively romantically or sexually, it would be silly to think that God didn’t create men and women to be friends with one another — and yes, even close friends or best friends.

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The Power of a Young Voice

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thurnberg had just entered High School when in August 2018, she began striking from school on Fridays to protest the Swedish government’s lack of action in climate control. Since then, she’s become a leading teen activist on the matter and even been on a tour of North America to give speeches across multiple countries.

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10 Things Every Catholic VSCO Girl Needs

Do you find yourself saying things like “sksksk” more often than should ever feel natural? How about your social media? Are you constantly posting, especially if something has the least bit of an artsy aesthetic? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you just might be a VSCO girl!

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What’s Wrong With Saying “Too Blessed to be Stressed” & Other Thoughts on Anxiety

Anxiety can be a heavy subject. But somehow, GIFs make everything feel a little more light. So here’s a serious article about anxiety and some tips on how to manage it, with a lot of GIFs to make it a little happier.

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Homemade Christmas Gifts You Can Make That Your Friends Will Love

Reflecting on this reality, as the season of Advent approaches (and, of course, the season of Christmas to follow), you might perhaps consider what gifts you might give to those you love and how best to receive with gratitude.

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To Everyone Who’s Ever Been Distracted at Mass

You wake up at 8 am on a Sunday to go to Mass with your family. You’re doing great during the readings, listening attentively, noticing connections between them. You even stay awake for the whole homily, even though you can’t quite understand the visiting priest’s accent.

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What Makes You Beautiful

When God made the first humans, He didn’t say, “Well, Adam would be better if he had a six-pack.” or “If only I hadn’t made Eve’s nose so big.” NO! He looked at Adam and Eve and found them “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Keep in mind, He considered the Milky Way, Niagara Falls, and the Amalfi Coast to be just “good.”

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Seeing God in the Everyday

It wasn’t until I started to ask God to reveal Himself to me that I began to see His graces and love being poured out of others and from within myself. It wasn’t until I began to foster a relationship with Jesus, that I began to see God.

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When he Cheats: The Power of Perspective

It was totally fine that our relationship started this way. “He broke up with her. It’s totally cool. No harm no foul!” These words echoed in my head in the weeks that followed. Round and round they went — a really bad justification for our actions, for our foundation.

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