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St. Patrick Wasn’t Even Irish

If you are a fan of busting myths, then this post is for you. I’ve taken the liberty of debunking myths about five of your favorite saints. Don’t feel too sorry that these holy men and women are having some of their biggest secrets unveiled. They are probably having a laugh about it together in heaven!

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Stop Running from the Darkness

What if there was something, like my experience of a blackout in San Diego all of those years ago, that can flip our understanding of darkness? That it would give us a new way to look at the darkness so that we could face it head-on, to be still, be quiet in it, and embrace it as an opportunity to see and welcome the light of Jesus that exists in it?

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Holy Wokeness

Just as these saints and so many others have witnessed to us, our universal call as Christians challenges us to live in the world but not of the world, but this does not mean we are called to live in isolation from the current times. In fact, the Gospel has equipped us with the power to speak light and life into our world, just as Jesus did.

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Getting to Know… YOU

How many times has someone asked you, “how are you?” and how many times have you automatically responded with, “good” or ‘fine”? Personally, I do this all the time, sometimes it just seems more appropriate, other times, it’s just easier. One time, in particular, someone asked me how I was, […]

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40 Ways for 40 Days: Staying Rooted in Prayer this Lent

Let each of the following prayers act as an inch to your tree of faith this Lent. Each prayer is designed to lead you more deeply into this season and the majority can be prayed in 10 min or less. Pick and choose one prayer for each day or simply repeat one of these prayers for the 40 days of this season.

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Catholic Accounts That Aren’t “Catholic Accounts”

There are so many accounts out there that spread the Gospel creatively and courageously through photography, art, fashion, and everyday life. When Instagram content leaves you defeated, I encourage you to follow accounts that bring beauty and color to the Christian life on social media.

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#Hashtags for Change

Not every hashtag is one of cultural importance or one of moral quality for that matter, but this blog is meant to highlight a few that are bringing change to a world that desperately needs it. While we cannot go on a mission trip every day, our access to information, and the ability to spread that information, can be incredibly useful in living our faith in this day and age.

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Justice Here as it is in Heaven

Inequality or injustice, in any sense, cannot be ignored by Christians if we are aiming to achieve heaven on Earth. Ultimately, we are chasing justice on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

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Saying Sorry 101

More than once I’ve been known to get in the pitfalls of a “bad” apology — apologies I might quickly challenge someone else on as inauthentic were roles reverse.

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Jealousy Doesn’t Look Good on You… Or Anyone

There’s a reason jealousy is often called the ugly green monster. It isn’t cute. In fact, it’s polarizing and brings others and ourselves down. What’s really attractive is joy, contentment, and peace.

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