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Compassion… with Emotional Boundaries

Empathy is a good thing; God gave us this gift so that we would be better able to care for one another with compassionate hearts. But, unchecked empathy — the kind that takes on someone else’s tragedy as your own and causes the spiraling — can actually be pretty harmful.

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Jesus in me… the Sinner

Yes, my sin makes me unworthy of eternal life, but His redemption has made me worthy and He invites me into this reality every single day. We don’t expect to encounter Jesus in our sin because He is all good and calls us out of our sin, but He doesn’t call us out of it on our own.

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God in the Lyrics

I wanted to share these songs because they have helped me reflect on my own desire for Christ, and even when I am in the darkest moments of my life, God is there with me.

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You Need Jesus… and a Therapist

If you’re letting Jesus into those parts of your heart, He can offer you real healing; but He will also use things like counseling or therapy to allow you to experience His love and divine healing.

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Hatred and Forgiveness

There are people in our lives that have hurt us, maybe are continuing to hurt us in some way. There are people who have betrayed us, embarrassed us, treated us so poorly. How can we possibly forgive, in the face of such anger? How can we find peace in the middle of such hurt?

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How to (and how not to) Pray About Your Vocation

Sometimes praying directly about our vocations can actually distract us from discovering them, or from allowing God to bring us to them in His time. If we’re always asking God to “please-please-please show us which vocation we’re supposed to choose,” then we risk the chance of missing the meaning of the experiences we’re having in the present that will inform our vocations in the future.

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Woe to the Rich?

The biggest lesson that Jesus is trying to teach here is that loving anything more than God, including money, will make it extremely difficult to enter Heaven. That said, we can’t ignore that Jesus specifically called out and focused on a love of money on many different occasions.

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Pope John Paul the II

Hot Takes from the Saints

Our generation may have coined the phrase “hot takes,” but I would argue that some of the hottest takes came from the saints themselves.

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Never Enough

We must recognize that no matter how many virtual conferences or Instagram lives or Mass live-streams we attend, it will never be enough. But my friends. Do not grow complacent. Do not mistake this for the norm. We were made for more!

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God Desires Your Joy: Entering Into Easter

So, how do we avoid “abandoning ourselves to despair,” especially in this time of celebrating Christ’s resurrection? How can we truly live the Christian message of joy every day when there are so many things to be sad about?

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