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Not Your Ordinary Advent

For the past few years, I have served as an editor and resource project manager for Life Teen. Although not my original, perfectly laid out plan for my life, I have found deep joy and purpose in what I do, reminding me that God’s plan for our lives is always […]

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teens hanging out

The Truth About Being “TikTok Famous”

I scrolled through social media endlessly, including the oh-so infamous, TikTok. I found a solution to my boredom and decided to make a video, particularly about my unique (or so I thought) “type” I am attracted to. In a matter of hours, people were using my audio, reposting the video, sharing it, etc. I was living up to my high school superlative of “Most likely to be a meme.”

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Your Own Worst Enemy: Learning to Forgive Yourself

The words we speak and the thoughts we think have more impact on us than we might think; the voices we choose to listen to can affect how we see ourselves, and then in time even the rest of the world.

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Praise and Worship

10 Songs You NEED to Add to Your Worship Playlist

Worship becomes a prayer that we sing over our lives and sing over our hearts. Any place we are at in our spiritual journey, worship can speak the truth of God’s love and God’s mercy when we most need to hear it. Here are 10 worship songs to amp up your prayer this month.

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Two hands making a heart

Learning to Love the Body God Gave You

I craved stability but never had it as a child which only added to my anxiety. I lived with chronic anxiety but didn’t know what to call and this made it very difficult to eat. I was too young to understand at the time, but this is when my struggle with anxiety over food began.

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bible praying

Your Prayer Starter Kit: 10 Things to Help you Pray Today

Everyone loves Top 10 lists so here is a list of some of my favorite practical tools and strategies to help you get started or improve (or start) your prayer life (in no particular order).

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stacked hands

More Than an Ally

Maybe you have friends who call themselves allies. Maybe you call yourself an ally. Or maybe you’re unsure of whether or not a Christian should be an ally.

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men clasping hands together

Fist Bumps and Bro Hugs

I generally witness and experience male affection and intimacy through fist bumps and bro hugs. While not inherently bad things, I have begun to wonder, “Is this the depth of our ability to physically express our care for one another?” and if so, “What are we so afraid of?”.

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painting of heaven

What Will Heaven Be Like?

Fulfillment will only come when we orient our hearts towards the home we are eternally destined for. But this begs the question, what will heaven actually be like? What does that eternal destiny mean?

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A Guide to a Social Media Fasting

So why fast from social media? For the same reasons above: you might be a bit too attached to it and fasting from it will help you learn and practice the reality that God alone is enough.

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