a woman looking in the mirror

Brown Skin Girl

Instead of recognizing my own beauty through the similarities I shared with my mother and sisters, I focused on the differences I had with other girls my age. I considered my differences from them as an absence of beauty. I was too focused on those differences to see the similarities I shared with my family; to see my own God-given radiant glow.

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Don’t Waste Your Quarantine

It’s no coincidence for us as Catholics that this trying time comes during our season of Lent. We gave God our hearts on Ash Wednesday, asking Him to purify us of our worldly desires. We gave up cookies, or maybe social media, gossip, or TV. Did we intend to give up everything else COVID has thrown on there? …probably not. But it’s here. And it’s out of our control. So what do we do about it?

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woman drinking tea

Peace During COVID-19

If you’re scared, uncertain, overwhelmed, concerned, any or all of the things, at different times, or all of them at once — hi, welcome to the human experience, it’s good to have you here.

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a woman looking out a car window

Getting to Know… YOU

How many times has someone asked you, “how are you?” and how many times have you automatically responded with, “good” or ‘fine”? Personally, I do this all the time, sometimes it just seems more appropriate, other times, it’s just easier. One time, in particular, someone asked me how I was, […]

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teens walking

Evangelizing with Anxiety

Anxiety does not define you. The truth is that Christ longs to help us carry our crosses of anxiety and calls us to take real steps towards real healing. Within these steps towards healing, we are able to share our faith exactly how He calls us to and walk with others towards Christ and the Gospel.

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Do I HAVE to go to a Catholic College to Stay Catholic?

Catholic schools are great. You should go to one if you feel that the Lord is calling you there. All I am saying is that Catholic schools are very rarely the sole reason why anyone (anyone that I know at least) stayed Catholic past high school.

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Practical Freedom from Porn

We are not our worst struggles; you are not your porn habit. You are beloved. God delights in you. Because I believe that, here I hope to offer some different ways that you might approach your struggle with pornography based on my own struggle with pornography and through my experience over the last seven years teaching high school and walking with many students through this struggle in their own lives.

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male working out

Body Insecurity Isn’t Just a “Girl Thing”

The culture surrounding men’s health can be destructive, but sometimes more subtly so than the culture of women’s health. Many messages communicate that men aren’t “real men” unless their bodies are perfectly chiseled, especially from the waist up.

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woman writing in her journal

What’s Wrong With Saying “Too Blessed to be Stressed” & Other Thoughts on Anxiety

Anxiety can be a heavy subject. But somehow, GIFs make everything feel a little more light. So here’s a serious article about anxiety and some tips on how to manage it, with a lot of GIFs to make it a little happier.

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two teens celebrating Christmas

Homemade Christmas Gifts You Can Make That Your Friends Will Love

Reflecting on this reality, as the season of Advent approaches (and, of course, the season of Christmas to follow), you might perhaps consider what gifts you might give to those you love and how best to receive with gratitude.

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