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What is Privilege and What do we do About it?

Privilege does not mean that you didn’t work hard in your life to achieve your goals; privilege just means that your demographic factors did not make those goals harder to achieve.

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Did God cause COVID-19?

People are continuing to die, lose their jobs, have their normal routines disrupted, be kept separate from their loved ones that are most vulnerable, and miss out on significant life events, like graduations. As a result, it isn’t surprising to learn that many are wondering where God is at in all of this or asking why God is letting something so destructive have such a strong hold on our world.

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a man and three children

Black Elk: Medicine Man, Catechist, Saint?

The five days I spent on the reservation impacted my life in many ways, and while I would like to share all about my trip, I am going to focus on the most significant experience: being introduced to Black Elk.

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How the world should change after COVID-19

While this phenomenon has proved itself devastating and confusing, we cannot forget the ways in which this time has served as an opportunity for stillness and growth, allowing space for the Holy Spirit to actively move in our lives. And maybe, by reflecting on everything we’ve learned, we can better understand the need for our faith and hope outside of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Taking Steps Toward Anti-Racism

Anti-racism is defined as the policy or practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance. If this sounds like something that should have always been happening, that’s because it should have. But it hasn’t. And the Church and her members have failed to be the prominent voice in this work.

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Praise and Worship

What Taking God’s Name in Vain Really Means

Jesus might be the answer to our problems and worries, but invoking the name of our Lord as a way to defend sinful actions, or even avoid responsibility for them all together, is never the right response.

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God in the Uprising

Overcome by anger, I turned to Jesus, who also experienced anger. When Jesus turned the tables at the temple (Mark 11:15-17), he did so because the people who were trying to encounter God there were being excluded; they were being taken advantage of and mistreated.

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God in the Lyrics

I wanted to share these songs because they have helped me reflect on my own desire for Christ, and even when I am in the darkest moments of my life, God is there with me.

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100 dollar bills

Woe to the Rich?

The biggest lesson that Jesus is trying to teach here is that loving anything more than God, including money, will make it extremely difficult to enter Heaven. That said, we can’t ignore that Jesus specifically called out and focused on a love of money on many different occasions.

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We are all humans protest

What Being Pro-Life is Not

The associations made with and the assumptions made about the pro-life movement exist whether they’re true to what the pro-life position is really about or not.

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