Dating and Praying: How to Navigate Spiritual Intimacy

Our Church has some fantastic ways that you can pray with someone you are dating without compromising them or yourself emotionally.

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How to Be Friends with a Future Priest

Moving out of high school and into college, I have some really good guy friends who are entering the seminary. How can I (a girl) keep good, holy, pure, and healthy relationships with these guys?

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How Can We Not Talk About Family?

Every Catholic that has ever lived — today or thousands of years ago, here or across the globe — is connected to us.

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You are eternally wanted by our Lord and Savior no matter what you have done or how far you have run from Him.

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Why I Don’t Need Attention

It then allowed me to see guys for who they really were, and if they didn’t treat me with respect, I didn’t crave that attention or affirmation from them… I just moved on.

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The Importance of Design: Sex Education in Ikea

And then I thought about sex.

And love. And bodies. And our hookup culture.

Because I’m a 20-something with nothing better to think about. NOT.

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Oh, Happy Fault

I lost my virginity in college. It’s not a part of my journey that I’m bragging about or proud of — far from it.

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Out of the Closet, Into the Confessional

The grip of sin no longer had its heavy guilt weighing down on me anymore. My heart felt so free. That Confession was also the first time I came to admit out loud to anybody that I was attracted to guys.

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A Winning Relationship Starts with You

I think it’s fair to say, we as a culture have lost sight of the purpose of dating, which in turn can make dating really confusing.

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Chicks Are So Cool

But on behalf of humanity, let me say thank you. Thank you for the miracle and beauty of your womanhood, because without you none of us would even be here.

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