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Do’s and Don’ts for Dating a Non-Catholic

Dating a non-Catholic is not, in fact, against the rules. That said, there are some pitfalls you need to avoid. So, I’d like to give you a list of practical Do’s and Don’ts from what I learned dating a non-Catholic.

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Actual Friend Goals

So often today we experience friendships of use. To be honest, half of my friends today only stick by me because I can make minute rice in 45 seconds. To combat this negative culture of snap-streak friendships, let’s look at some of the real ones who did it before us.

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If You’ve Ever Been Told Guys and Girls Can’t be Friends…

And knowing that God created human beings male and female but did not create men and women to relate to one another exclusively romantically or sexually, it would be silly to think that God didn’t create men and women to be friends with one another — and yes, even close friends or best friends.

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When he Cheats: The Power of Perspective

It was totally fine that our relationship started this way. “He broke up with her. It’s totally cool. No harm no foul!” These words echoed in my head in the weeks that followed. Round and round they went — a really bad justification for our actions, for our foundation.

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Fist Bumps and Bro Hugs

I generally witness and experience male affection and intimacy through fist bumps and bro hugs. While not inherently bad things, I have begun to wonder, “Is this the depth of our ability to physically express our care for one another?” and if so, “What are we so afraid of?”.

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When Your Family Thinks Your Faith is a Phase

After that first year, however, as I began to place my relationship with God as one of my top priorities, my family seemed to understand less and less on why this was so important to me. I felt like I could no longer talk about God with them, believing that they wouldn’t care.

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A Christian Response to Conflict

Loving others as Christ prescribes does not entail an intimate and personal relationship with everyone we meet, nor does it require us to spend copious amounts of time with them. However, Christ speaks to us in Matthew 5:44-45 when He professes, “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.”

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The Possible Danger of Relationship Goals

For how often and how much we fawn over famous relationships and their respective dynamics, we can’t let this obsession become an imaginary standard, or twist our own #relationshipgoals into a direct reflection of what we see in popular culture.

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Finding Real Brotherhood

The apostles had each other for support; what makes us any different? I have been blessed to have multiple men in my life that love and support me, but the one that stands out, who is second only to my dad is my friend, David. When I met David, he was my Core Member. Now, David’s a real brother to me. Here’s what happened…

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Authentic Sisterhood

Every hope I had for true, authentic sisterhood where women built each other up was shattered by the words of women who put themselves and others down. I lived in the comfort of shallow female friendships that only knew me by my appearance, not my heart.

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