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Not Your Ordinary Advent

For the past few years, I have served as an editor and resource project manager for Life Teen. Although not my original, perfectly laid out plan for my life, I have found deep joy and purpose in what I do, reminding me that God’s plan for our lives is always […]

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Praise and Worship

10 Songs You NEED to Add to Your Worship Playlist

Worship becomes a prayer that we sing over our lives and sing over our hearts. Any place we are at in our spiritual journey, worship can speak the truth of God’s love and God’s mercy when we most need to hear it. Here are 10 worship songs to amp up your prayer this month.

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bible praying

Your Prayer Starter Kit: 10 Things to Help you Pray Today

Everyone loves Top 10 lists so here is a list of some of my favorite practical tools and strategies to help you get started or improve (or start) your prayer life (in no particular order).

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Things the Bible Won’t Tell You

We’re looking for an answer. We toss up a Hail Mary, close our eyes, open the Bible…and point. Bible Roulette. The answer to all of life’s questions. Right?

Wrong. So wrong, y’all.

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My Favorite Prayer Tools

I always feel a tinge of guilt when my mind suddenly wanders off or my hand goes towards my phone in the middle of prayer. But by God’s mercy and grace, He has led me to different tools that I can use to have a deeper and more meaningful time spent in prayer.

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Stuck in a Rut: How to Reignite Your Prayer Life

Maybe the fire has become a spark. Maybe the emotional aspects of prayer have diminished and it has rather becoming a grueling task to tick off the to-do list. Regardless of whatever season you may be in, there is always a need to rekindle, revamp, and renew prayer.

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Why Mass?

Yes, we prayed to God and talked about love.
Yes, we made the effort to be in a house (well, field) of worship.
Yes, there was even bread to symbolize the Last Supper.

But, I knew, in my heart of hearts that this wasn’t what I was entirely created for.

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Jumping into the Sacred Heart

Seriously – Jesus really does love you. This isn’t just a nice idea that we tell ourselves. It’s true. That being said, we should all try to do a better job of remembering what that really means for us. One good way to do this is to consider taking up a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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Praying with Friends… it Doesn’t Have to be Awkward

Pretty often, my friends and I will ask for each others prayers over specific situations in our lives, asking for certain virtues or strengths that we need. And it’s wonderful for friends to pray for each other. But, today, I present the idea of taking a step further.

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Loving a God You’re Angry With

I felt hurt and betrayed by the Lord when I knew that He never relented, which left me even more confused and withdrawn. If He was perfect love, why was I angry with Him?

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