Praising in Consolation and Praying in Desolation

Whenever I’m home on break my mom and I have a certain tradition we like to do together: watch game shows. In the morning, we love to root for the contestants on The Price is Right by trying to guess all the correct prices ourselves. At night we like to […]

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The Ups and Downs of Prayer

This trouble we experience is due to the fact that our journey to heaven is not a sprint, but rather a marathon, on a route with many hills and valleys. These feelings are a normal part of our relationship with God while here on Earth, and all of us will inevitably face times of spiritual dryness between moments of consolation.

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Silent Night…

It felt uncomfortable sitting in silence before the Lord for the first time. I questioned whether I was even praying right or if God could even hear me.

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How to Start a Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is a personal record of your conversations with God. It doesn’t need to have answers. In fact, it can be filled to the brim with purely questions and scattered thoughts, and it’d still be a good thing if it’s directed at the Lord.

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Revisiting the Rosary

I used to downplay the power of the rosary. I used to think that it wasn’t a “powerful” form of prayer. I was very wrong.

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All I do is Win

In life, we will come across many “losses,” and we have to know what to do and how to react to certain situations. When life hands us “wins” it’s pretty easy to praise God and fall on our knees quickly to give thanks.

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The Prayer that Changed my Life

Since that prayer, my life is so much more peaceful, even when I experience struggles. I trust that I have a Relentless Father who is always guiding me, seeking a deeper relationship with me, and desiring that I open my heart to Him.

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Take Prayer Personally

The remarkable thing about this type of personal prayer is that it doesn’t just apply to Mary — we can enter into this type of prayer with God Himself in the person of Jesus.

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5 Benefits to Praying the (W)holy Rosary

And as soon as I put my inhibitions aside and prayed the entire rosary in one day, my entire life changed. And now I want to share with you five benefits that I’ve discovered from praying the entire rosary every day.

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Summer ’18 Prayer Challenge

Whether you’d like to revamp your prayer routine or don’t have a routine you’ve made your own yet, there are many ways you can work on your prayer life.

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