What I Learned by Failing at Evangelization

He wasn’t listening. So eventually to keep up, I started to respond louder and sassier. People started staring at us.

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Keeping Your Faith on the Field

With the pep rallies and pom-poms though comes a tough fact: it can be a struggle to balance your playing time with your praying time.

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Calling on Mercy

Before an exam, at the end of the day, whenever the world seemed to spin a little too fast… “Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.”

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It’s Time to Silence the Gossip

When I compare my high school experience to the movies about high school, the two have drastic differences except for one thing; gossip is still alive and well.

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Advice for Casting your First Votes

Voting is described as “morally obligatory” – that’s pretty serious.

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What God Showed Me Through My Summer Job

God showed me His glory in unexpected ways through my summer job. If I didn’t pay attention or surrender my work to Him, I would’ve missed it.

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You Are More Beautiful Than Your Selfie: How to Overcome Vanity

One afternoon, my younger brother took a picture of the two of us. When I saw it I asked him to delete it because I looked “fat.”

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Here’s What You Can Do When Someone Asks You for Money: 8 Practical Tips

I knew he was asking for money, but I said “No, I’m sorry” and kept walking.

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The Lion is Not Safe

He is not safe… but he is good. The way those words encapsulate the mystery of God’s love is so powerful to me.

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You’re Probably Not Called to be Catholic Famous

In my time of being surrounded by enthusiastic, holy, faithful, young Catholics I’ve observed that many of us have this desire to be famous in our Catholic world.

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