two teens celebrating Christmas

Homemade Christmas Gifts You Can Make That Your Friends Will Love

Reflecting on this reality, as the season of Advent approaches (and, of course, the season of Christmas to follow), you might perhaps consider what gifts you might give to those you love and how best to receive with gratitude.

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two women smiling

What Makes You Beautiful

When God made the first humans, He didn’t say, “Well, Adam would be better if he had a six-pack.” or “If only I hadn’t made Eve’s nose so big.” NO! He looked at Adam and Eve and found them “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Keep in mind, He considered the Milky Way, Niagara Falls, and the Amalfi Coast to be just “good.”

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Your Own Worst Enemy: Learning to Forgive Yourself

The words we speak and the thoughts we think have more impact on us than we might think; the voices we choose to listen to can affect how we see ourselves, and then in time even the rest of the world.

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Two hands making a heart

Learning to Love the Body God Gave You

I craved stability but never had it as a child which only added to my anxiety. I lived with chronic anxiety but didn’t know what to call and this made it very difficult to eat. I was too young to understand at the time, but this is when my struggle with anxiety over food began.

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A Guide to a Social Media Fasting

So why fast from social media? For the same reasons above: you might be a bit too attached to it and fasting from it will help you learn and practice the reality that God alone is enough.

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Woman on a bike at the beach

Love YOU

A huge step toward loving yourself is embracing the love that is freely given to you at this precise point in time. Because you are, at this very moment, so good and so loved. Yes, right now!

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A Formula for Forming Authentic Identity

Personal Brands and Muddled Identities The pressure is real: to look, be, and act a certain way… It can be exhausting. We create brands so others perceive us the way we want them to. Where is the line between our authentic identity and the personal “brands” we create? On one […]

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When Life Doesn’t Follow the “Norm”

I didn’t want to lie and act like I had everything figured out because I really didn’t. So instead, I would tell them exactly what I was feeling at the time and would say, “I don’t have anything figured out and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” And even though I was being honest, it was challenging to indirectly tell them that my life wasn’t like the rest.

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When to Say No: Learning You Can’t do it All

Trying to keep grades high enough to be in NHS, still participating in clubs, going to Life Teen events at church, and working out for 7.5 hours a day, my mental health evaporated. Finally realizing the toll all of this was taking on my mental and physical health, I knew something needed to change.

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Who is at Your Table?

Now, all of this talk about how this plays out on both national and individual levels leads to the big question: who do we give a seat at our table? In other words, who do we welcome and who do we reject?

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