My Trauma is Not My Home

In whatever trauma or suffering you have endured, are enduring, or will endure in the future, sit with his tender heart. Hear his gentle and compassionate voice as he affirms how you are at that moment. Let him roar necessary truth into your soul and whisper consolation to your ears. His melody awaits you.

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inside of a church

Discipleship: Consistency is Key

One of my favorite things about Jesus is His consistency. His character is never in question. He lives His whole life following after the Father, there is no question of His faithfulness.

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The Ordinariness of Sainthood

Through their courage and docility, they changed the world one small yes at a time. That’s the beauty of this Love: it meets us exactly where we are and only asks us to take one more step. Jesus provides the grace – we only have to participate.

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a woman

Kicking Boredom in the Face

To keep you from having in-depth emotional conversations with the inanimate objects in your house here are a few fun suggestions to keep the boredom at bay…

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a woman reading the bible

A Case for a Mediocre Life

The best life we can ever live is a life that leads us and those we love to Heaven, to rejoice with our Creator, and be in awe of His presence. Christ had no expectation of grandeur when He became human for our salvation, all He hoped for was to teach us how to love one another and to bring us home with Him and the Father.

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a woman in church

The End of “Should”

Even though these are obligations we partake in, these moments we get to spend with the Lord are meant to lead us to find true happiness and freedom in the one who gave his life for us — not because we should, but because He is who He is.

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teen on his phone

Survival in the Digital Age

Flash forward to 2020 and all I want to do is throw my cell phone in the trash, my computer out the window, and connect in person with all of my best friends.

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two woman sitting with each other

You Need Jesus… and a Therapist

If you’re letting Jesus into those parts of your heart, He can offer you real healing; but He will also use things like counseling or therapy to allow you to experience His love and divine healing.

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praying woman

How to (and how not to) Pray About Your Vocation

Sometimes praying directly about our vocations can actually distract us from discovering them, or from allowing God to bring us to them in His time. If we’re always asking God to “please-please-please show us which vocation we’re supposed to choose,” then we risk the chance of missing the meaning of the experiences we’re having in the present that will inform our vocations in the future.

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God Desires Your Joy: Entering Into Easter

So, how do we avoid “abandoning ourselves to despair,” especially in this time of celebrating Christ’s resurrection? How can we truly live the Christian message of joy every day when there are so many things to be sad about?

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