Relationship and Religion: why Both are Necessary

Nowadays, it’s common for people to identify as spiritual rather than religious, which makes it tempting to think of the Church as an outdated way of relating to God. Or maybe even to think of her as a barrier between God and us. If I know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him, then why have the Church at all?

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Identifying Truth in a World of Counterfeits

In my pursuit of truth, over and over I’ve arrived at truths, only to find out they were already upheld by the Catholic Church. This really helped me see how my previous perspective about the Church “forcing” truth onto people was off the mark.

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Using a Ouija Board… Literally the Dumbest Thing you Could do This Halloween

Ouija boards claim to help you contact people who have died by asking the wooden board a question and watching the pieces spell out an answer. This might sound like innocent fun, but here’s a few reasons you should think twice about phoning a friend on the other side this Halloween…

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Celebrating Death: the Tradition of Día de los Muertos

Unlike the more terror-inducing traditions that happen on and around Halloween in the United States, Día de los Muertos attempts to instead demonstrate the joy that can be found when death isn’t dreaded, but embraced.

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The Church Can be Strong No Matter What

We can’t let those struggles and trials and people hating on the Church discourage us, but rather motivate us.

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Is the Catholic Church Sexist?

Unfortunately, however, when the Catholic Church enters the discussion, it’s immediately branded as a male-dominated institution full of prejudices.

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21 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About John Paul II

…Heaps of frozen excrement needed to be chopped up with shovels and wheeled away. So next time you have a disgusting chore to take care of, just remember JPII has been there too.

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30 Beautiful Pope Francis Quotes From His Cuba/U.S. Visit

“Wherever there are dreams, there is joy, Jesus is always present.”

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10 Times I fell in Love with Pope Francis

I knew I would respect any pope that was elected after Benedict, but part of me was fearful that I wouldn’t love the new pope because of my love for Benedict.

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Why Do We Have a Pope? Is it Biblical?

The Papacy is not only rooted in Scripture, it is safeguarded by Scripture’s Author: the Holy Spirit.

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