Blessed the Beggar: Who Are the “Poor in Spirit”?

This is one of those Scripture passages that many people 'know' (meaning, they've heard it before) but countless people fail to understand. My own parochial school teacher taught us that it simply meant God loves poor people 'more.'

Ummm, to put it as charitably and bluntly as possible . . . no, that's not what it means . . .

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How the Women of the Bible Became My Friends

In early January, my friend sent me a video of a spoken word by an artist named Janette, titled, “I Will Wait for You”. In the poem, Janette shares how she used to settle for men who did not love her well, hurting her heart and soul. This experience inspired […]

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The One Bible Verse I Always Pray With

I love this verse on so many levels. It is clear and concise. It is present and unwavering. It is strong but still tender, challenging yet comforting. In short, it is everything a good Father should be.

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Biblical Superpowers: Miracles in Acts of the Apostles

One of the reasons I love the book of Acts so much is because of the amazing miracle stories. They aren’t just high drama; many of them are also high comedy.

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What One Flight Taught Me About Anxiety

As we started taxiing down the runway and the anticipation in my stomach was building the little boy behind me put his hands up and yelled “WOOOOOO!!”

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When to Guard Your Heart: Proverbs 4:23

Your heart is the source of life. And in order to receive the gifts God has for you it must be open. It can’t be barricaded and kept away from the Lord.

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The Secret to Loving Your Neighbor

In my own life, it’s taken me awhile to be okay with taking good care of myself because I always thought that “dying to self” and “setting myself aside” and “sacrifice” meant that I had to put other people before myself in every way, or whenever asked.

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You For Me: Love Notes, Luke 9:50

A person doesn’t have to be sitting next to me in Church in order to be my brother or sister, or in order to be a follower of Christ.

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Draw Near: A Divine Invitation

He was here, as a man, to walk with us and speak to us and live and die for us. We discovered that our God had some skin in the game. The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

And during this Advent season, as we remember the anticipation of His birth in Bethlehem as a reminder that we still anticipate His coming again, we have the chance, every day, to draw nearer. And He is doing the same. He’s coming closer still.

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It is Better for You That I Go.

I sometimes wonder what the disciples felt like when Jesus told them that he had to leave them. Probably a little confused, startled, and worried. I don’t blame them, the man they came to know and love was no longer going to be by their side. In fact, Scripture says that because of this news, grief filled the disciples hearts (John 16:6), and yet Jesus still tells them that it is “better for you that I go” (John 16:7).

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