Statue of Mary

Mary, Ever-Virgin?

Mary remains a sign of the Church as a spiritual mother to us as Christ’s family as Jesus is her only son. (CCC 507). Mary is more than a vessel, but herself a sign to all of us.

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Statue of Mary

How to Celebrate Marian Feast Days

Did you know that the month of May is dedicated to Our Lady? It’s true! The Church gives special honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the month of May. And of course, there are many Marian feasts throughout the year, but how often do we actually pause to reflect upon these Catholic traditions of ours? Do we actually celebrate Our Lady in a way that honors and upholds her dignity as the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven? Here are several ways you can celebrate Our Lady’s patronage of the Church on any Marian feast of the year.

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praying hands

Prayer as a Youth Minister

Ministry is ironic because those of us who minister often find it difficult to be ministered to. We encourage and teach teens to pray, but how often do we pray outside of ministry? We tell others to keep holy the Sabbath, but we put in twelve-hour days on Sundays. Isn’t it ironic?

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middle school boys looking at posted notes

Mass, Family, and More!

The new year has begun, and it is off to the races, and so are we. Your brand new Edge Support Box for March 2021 is now live online and on its way to your parish. We are excited to share with you what we’ve been cooking up for this Spring!

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The Lie of Self-Reliance

I can do it on my own…I don’t need anyone…I can’t trust anyone…I can only trust myself. Have you ever said anything like this? Or, have you ever believed that you could make it through this life on your own? We live in a time where being independent, totally independent, is a sought-after quality.

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ash Wednesday ashes on a woman's forehead

Not the Same Lent: Four Ways to Engage Teenagers in the Lenten Season

We take for granted the gap between curiosity about these unique practices and understanding them, let alone incorporating them into our spirituality. For teenagers – especially this year – Lent is an important season.

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Praise and Worship

The Difference Between My Ministry and My Faith

Doing ministry day in and day out is awesome and an incredible privilege, but nothing, including youth ministry, can replace your personal relationship with Jesus.

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Creativity in Prayer

We all have taken on a ‘do whatever it takes’ mentality in ministry over these challenging and uncertain months. But, as we have all taken on new responsibilities, new roles, and navigated through these rough waters, we recognize that some areas of our own lives may need that same attention and creativity.

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Today I am Grateful book

2020: Finding Gratitude in the Small Matters

At the moment, 2020 has felt long. It has felt arduous and unfair. It’s been uncomfortable and I’ve been tempted repeatedly to go mad by this plaguing question of “why?” It’s such a tempting question… After all, it holds the promise of fulfilling or, rather, filling our hearts with something we all desire: answers.

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Men praying

Inviting Teens Deeper

The beauty of discipleship is that the more you work, the more workers you create. As teens become disciples, they will be able to make their friends disciples.

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