You Are Going to Die… and Other Thoughts from 35,000 Feet in the Sky

Why are you afraid of dying? I needed to dig heavy into that question. I didn’t like the answer, but it was something I needed to hear.

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#SorryCharlie: A Response to the Charlie Charlie Challenge

First of all, the demonic and occult are real things – not simply the stuff of Hollywood movies, not stories told around campfires to scare us, and certainly not toys. As real as our God is, so is His enemy.

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Do I Have False Gods in My Life?

Then I realized that I was not much better than those pagan voodoo worshipers.

In my head I know that God was the only one worth my worship, but I still found myself turning to so many other relationships, habits, and even sins to save me when I was overwhelmed and in need of help. I knew that Jesus was my Savior, but often I turned anywhere else but towards Him when I needed to be saved from loneliness, hurt, or boredom.

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