Common Misconceptions About Jesus

I also encountered a lot of images of Jesus while growing up that were less accurate, less helpful for prayer and worship, and sometimes straight up phony. In this blog, I hope to highlight some common misconceptions about Jesus, and, in doing so, to lead us into a more in-depth knowledge of and love for His heart.

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Saints — They’re Just Like Us!!

Just look at St. Joseph of Cupertino. He would often levitate when thinking of God. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never started flying during prayer. Or there’s St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Her big regret was that she used to cry all the time. For me, that’s just an average Tuesday.

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Why a Relationship with Jesus Isn’t Safe

Eleven out of the twelve apostles suffered martyrdom. It is estimated that over twenty thousand Christians were killed in the Roman emperor Diocletian’s “Great Persecution” alone, and millions are denied basic rights every year in our own modern day. It seems that if we wanted a comfortable way of life, […]

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Lessons from St. Juan Diego

The witness of Juan Diego reminds me that when I follow the Lord, mountains move.

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The Body of Christ and Your Responsibility

How often do you take the people that you sit next to at Mass for granted? Not quite sure what I mean? Picture this: you wake up on Sunday morning, and end up feeling extremely tired. You want to go back to sleep, but your family is going to Mass. […]

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Living Your Faith in the Everyday

There are certainly instances when you should tell people about Christ — about His sacrifice on the cross and unceasing love for us. However, what should you do in those moments when this isn’t the most ideal way to share the Gospel?

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Another Year, Another Advent

I have learned that the experience is made all the more special if I really begin preparing for Christmas during the season of Advent. After all, that’s what Advent is all about!

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Relentless Love in Ordinary Life

So often we can be tempted to wait for the future or wish away the present moment, but that’s where the Father is. He is with us here and now, loving us, drawing us into Himself.

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The Harshest Thing You’ll Hear in Confession

Let’s think about the weight of these words for a moment. When the priest absolves you, God is also saying, “I love you, I have always loved you.” “You are mine. I delight in you. I have not left you an orphan.” “I am not ashamed of you, afraid of you, or disgusted with you.”

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Why Heaven is Ultimate #Goals

I know some people would rather not believe in “mystical things” mainly because of fear, self-doubt of unworthiness, or simply because they are too busy with “reality.” But the fact remains that we were made for heaven.

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