Victory Over Spiritual Warfare

On our Christian journey to do good and avoid evil, the crux of our mission is to walk with Christ. Christ has already won the victory over sin and Hell. Therefore, we aren’t responsible for winning this victory ourselves. Instead, we’re called to lean into Christ’s extant victory.

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praise and worship

Finding Faith in the Summer

During these times, it can be difficult for us to maintain our prayer life and overall faith. I know many people, including myself, struggle in being consistent with prayers during quarantine.

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A Call to Shine in Holiness, Not Greatness

I now understand that this was an invitation to grow in holiness and a call to shine alongside Him. Disciplining me so that I can mature in spirit and truth, God permitted that I experience conflict and pain so that I may learn to love in times of difficulty and difference, not just when it is easy and convenient. After all, I cannot evangelize what I despise.

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church pews

Religious… but not Spiritual

We have the best of both worlds! As Catholic Christians, we can imagine ourselves at the intersection of the Religious and Spiritual. That is, we hold that it is possible (and if fact necessary) to grow in a personal, intimate relationship with the Divine and that each person embarks on their own quest to wholeness (for the betterment of themselves and others) but that one can only find the fullness of Truth within the folds of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church.

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a person washing a cup

When Work Becomes Worship

From scrubbing dirty dishes to refilling cups of lemonade at least a hundred times during dinner, it was God’s grace alone that proved to be far greater than any glory or attention I thought I needed from my peers.

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teens praying

Returning to the Sacraments

Even I must admit, the introvert in me enjoyed attending Mass in sweats and in the comfort of my own home. Although I am healthy and able, it is tempting to continue to celebrate Mass digitally, with a coffee in hand. However, there are certain aspects of our faith that can only be filled by being physically present to receive the sacraments.

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Jesus painting

Jesus, a Nice Guy?

His love is not an act of kindness or obligation – but a personal testimony to your fulfillment. He desires that you live life fully alive and He offers you the freedom to embrace that in His love, not in His nice-ness.

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Jesus and a man praying

What it’s Like Playing Jesus: an Interview With Jonathan Roumie

Roumie shows us a tender, funny, and personal side to Christ, offering a performance that enriches prayer and invites the audience to know the person of Jesus in a new and intimate way. He has led live streams praying the Divine Mercy chaplet throughout quarantine and is not shy about sharing his love for Christ with audiences of any belief system. So we wanted to dig a little deeper into what it’s like to portray the God of the Universe, and how Roumie’s faith influenced his role on “The Chosen.”

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ceiling of a church

Is Organized Religion Really Terrible?

I might not be able to fully satisfy every question you have regarding organized religion, but my hope is that you might start to better understand (and maybe even begin to love) organized religion, particularly, as it exists in the Catholic Church.

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jesus street art

Jesus in me… the Sinner

Yes, my sin makes me unworthy of eternal life, but His redemption has made me worthy and He invites me into this reality every single day. We don’t expect to encounter Jesus in our sin because He is all good and calls us out of our sin, but He doesn’t call us out of it on our own.

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