The Holy Spirit Speaks Every Language

The truth is, there is a tension that non-native-English-speakers in this country face: If we don’t speak English at all, we struggle to communicate and understand. If we learn just enough to get by day-to-day living, we are told it is not enough.

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Kneeling for the Anthem: a Catholic Reflection on Protest

Knowing that we’re all one body in Christ we have to see our duty in all of this; we ought to work to prevent injustice in our world and this case is no exception.

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Dear Young, Hispanic/Latino Catholics…

Our presence in parishes is essential to what the Church needs right now in order to go out and make more disciples who live in the love of Jesus Christ.

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7 Tips for the Best Quinceañera of all Time

In case you, like our friend below, are unfamiliar with what a quinceañera actually is, I’ll give you a brief explanation.

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Straddling two countries, two cultures, or two languages is an exhausting balancing act many “minorities” grapple with.

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