“Me Before You” and the Problem with Assisted Suicide

“Com-passion,” “suffering with” Jesus and others is true dignity, not euthanasia.

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This is Why God is the Best Father Ever

He wants nothing more than to be your perfect Father. He wants nothing more than to heal our every wound, because where humans leave emptiness God always brings fullness.

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How the Women of the Bible Became My Friends

In early January, my friend sent me a video of a spoken word by an artist named Janette, titled, “I Will Wait for You”. In the poem, Janette shares how she used to settle for men who did not love her well, hurting her heart and soul. This experience inspired […]

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Go Outside: A Playlist for Summer

It’s summer. That means no more school, road trips, grass between your toes, going hiking, sleeping until noon, driving with the windows down, and hanging out at the pool. All of those things need soundtracks, so I put this one together for you. Summer always feels a little better with […]

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The Emptiness of Me, Myself, and I

Trust me, I’m the first to admit that it can be tempting to buy into the “me, myself, and I” anthem and get carried away with taking care of me and only me.

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Reviving the Church: An Interview with Laura Toggs from Hillsong Young & Free

We had a chance to ask Laura Toggs some more questions about this revival and Hillsong Young & Free!

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What “The Bachelor” gets Wrong About Love: Reflections from a Die-hard Fan

Breath-taking backdrops and eccentric dates. Three-hour long finales, People magazine covers, the break-up rumors; I love it all.

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Known & Loved: A Playlist for Singles

I hope my playlist allows you to wind down and bask in the perfect love we are all called to, God’s love.

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Dust We Are: A Playlist for Lent

A new playlist for Catholics during Lent! Press play and enter into this beautifully rich liturgical season.

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What Football Has Taught Me About My Faith

Five years ago, if you were to have asked the question, “Do you want to watch football?” I would’ve turned my nose up at you and probably said, “ugh.” (That’s a direct quote.)

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