Catholic Movie Reviews: Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2

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Free From Fear: Reacting to Global Violence

As a Catholic, how should I respond? How can I help see good in this? How can I help be good in this?

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Catholic Movie Reviews: My All-American

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Catholic Movie Reviews: Spotlight

Why should you see this film? To honor the victims, first of all, and second of all to understand how corruption — of any sort — works, in order to be vigilant and oppose it. NEVER AGAIN.

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Are You Christian?

“Are you Christian?” This is the question Chris Harper asked, with gun in hand, to a class filled with college students at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. I cannot begin to imagine what thoughts and fears ran through those students minds as he asked that question. These are college students, just […]

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Catholic Movie Reviews: Pawn Sacrifice

I’m declaring the riveting and flawless “Pawn Sacrifice” (the story of chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, played with acting genius by Tobey Maguire) the best film of 2015.

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Pope Emojis Just Became a Thing.

I used to have no Catholic emojis. Who are you Apple and why don’t you understand me?!?!

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A Face Behind the Screen: A Guide to Internet Dialogue

Great dialogue can happen on social media, and that people can even be pointed to truth through these online conversations. But hearts won’t be led to truth if we don’t follow some guidelines.

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Stoning the Bachelorette

It wasn’t my place to condemn her but I did…

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Catholic Movie Reviews: Paper Towns

I sort of feel like this book should be like a paper town and only exist on paper.

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