The Royal Wedding and Our Longing for Love

But why were 29 million of us so drawn to this wedding? To this marriage? To this love? Quite honestly, it comes down to our heart’s inherent longing for love.

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Why We Need to Talk About “Infinity War”

But something else happened during this movie that made my heart stir. “Avengers: Infinity War” made such a solid argument for the beauty and duty to protect all human life.

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Dear Young, Hispanic/Latino Catholics…

Our presence in parishes is essential to what the Church needs right now in order to go out and make more disciples who live in the love of Jesus Christ.

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Get Outside!

I’m sure Fortnite is fun (although not my cup of tea… yes I said it.) and Netflix is cool, but why waste your summer staring at a screen when there’s so much going on outside your door?

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13 Reasons Why is Just a Symptom

Although this season does have a more balanced approach than season 1, season 2 comes with a cocktail of darkness that brings a lot more to the surface than audiences anticipated.

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Winning Souls Through the Met Gala

As I, faithful-passionate-devoted-Catholic-Katie was watching E! and gazing upon these dresses and suits covered in Catholic imagery, so were literally millions of other people, who perhaps themselves are not Catholic.

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May the 4th be With You… and With Your Spirit

Do you like fast-paced combat and intergalactic warfare set to an incredible soundtrack? Are you a fan of beautiful, imaginary galaxies with rich civilizations? Do you enjoy watching a story told by several generations of heroes and villains? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you […]

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Wise Things Abuelitas Say

From then to now, I have been fortunate to be completely loved on by my beautiful grandmothers — but I’ve also learned A TON from their tales and nuggets of wisdom!

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Top 15 Tweetable moments from #GaudeteetExsultate

Pope Francis, in his most recent Apostolic Exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and Be Glad), discusses the Universal Call to Holiness in today’s world, and focuses especially on “middle class holiness”–that is, “holiness found in our next-door neighbours, those who, living in our midst, reflect God’s presence” (7). Gaudete et […]

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7 Tips for the Best Quinceañera of all Time

In case you, like our friend below, are unfamiliar with what a quinceañera actually is, I’ll give you a brief explanation.

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