The Ultimate List of Catholic Podcasts

A comprehensive list of the best of the Catholic podcasts are out there.

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The Darkness of Scandal and the Light of Christ

Even in a time like this, we can maintain bold faith in Jesus, in the goodness of the Church He established, in the goodness of the authority He established, and in His desire to defeat these dark distortions of that authority with His light.

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Mid-Year Music Review

Music is an incredible language that speaks to each of us in unique ways. Nevertheless, it can also be easy to listen to a song without thinking twice about the message it’s sending. And, oftentimes, these are powerful messages that we should be thinking twice about.

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What to Expect at Your Favorite Music Festival

If you’re about festival life too, I want to challenge you to to consider the ways we, as Christians, should stand out in festival culture and where we might be tempted to blend into the crowd.

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10 Summer Must-Reads

Maybe you don’t know what book to read? Don’t fear, Ivan is here with your top ten summer must reads of 2018! So, grab a book and your favorite caffeinated drink, and prepare to get lost in the story.

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The Royal Wedding and Our Longing for Love

But why were 29 million of us so drawn to this wedding? To this marriage? To this love? Quite honestly, it comes down to our heart’s inherent longing for love.

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Why We Need to Talk About “Infinity War”

But something else happened during this movie that made my heart stir. “Avengers: Infinity War” made such a solid argument for the beauty and duty to protect all human life.

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Dear Young, Hispanic/Latino Catholics…

Our presence in parishes is essential to what the Church needs right now in order to go out and make more disciples who live in the love of Jesus Christ.

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Get Outside!

I’m sure Fortnite is fun (although not my cup of tea… yes I said it.) and Netflix is cool, but why waste your summer staring at a screen when there’s so much going on outside your door?

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13 Reasons Why is Just a Symptom

Although this season does have a more balanced approach than season 1, season 2 comes with a cocktail of darkness that brings a lot more to the surface than audiences anticipated.

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