The Holy Spirit Speaks Every Language

The truth is, there is a tension that non-native-English-speakers in this country face: If we don’t speak English at all, we struggle to communicate and understand. If we learn just enough to get by day-to-day living, we are told it is not enough.

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God the Father, Where you Least Expect Him

Although God created fatherhood through His example, there is no denying that our idea of fatherhood — for better or worse — is shaped by our earthly father figures.

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Summer 2018 Recap

If you’re anything like me, you might need to take a second to process everything, good and bad, that made the summer of 2018 an unforgettable one. So before we dive into back to school sales and the busy month of September, let’s look back at some of the biggest moments of summer 2018…

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What to Make of What’s Going on in the Church

Regardless of your exposure to all of these things, the fact of the matter is that our Church is sitting in a moment of great darkness revealed, which means we’re living on the hinge of unprecedented renewal in the Church.

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Kneeling for the Anthem: a Catholic Reflection on Protest

Knowing that we’re all one body in Christ we have to see our duty in all of this; we ought to work to prevent injustice in our world and this case is no exception.

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The Ultimate List of Catholic Podcasts

A comprehensive list of the best of the Catholic podcasts are out there.

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The Darkness of Scandal and the Light of Christ

Even in a time like this, we can maintain bold faith in Jesus, in the goodness of the Church He established, in the goodness of the authority He established, and in His desire to defeat these dark distortions of that authority with His light.

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Mid-Year Music Review

Music is an incredible language that speaks to each of us in unique ways. Nevertheless, it can also be easy to listen to a song without thinking twice about the message it’s sending. And, oftentimes, these are powerful messages that we should be thinking twice about.

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What to Expect at Your Favorite Music Festival

If you’re about festival life too, I want to challenge you to to consider the ways we, as Christians, should stand out in festival culture and where we might be tempted to blend into the crowd.

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10 Summer Must-Reads

Maybe you don’t know what book to read? Don’t fear, Ivan is here with your top ten summer must reads of 2018! So, grab a book and your favorite caffeinated drink, and prepare to get lost in the story.

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