Prayers for Those EDGE Kids and Teens Who Can’t Keep Still!

Many of our EDGE kids, teens, and even adults find it challenging to be still during prayer, and as a result, they frequently give up before they even have a chance to start. God knows our hearts. He knows our limitations as well as our strengths, and He reaches out to each of us in a way that we can understand.

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Mental Health Check: Ministering to Teens while Struggling with Anxiety

In ministry, we have a wonderful opportunity to help teenagers know Jesus Christ and encounter him in all of their circumstances and challenges. Being aware of our emotional background and history can help us accompany teenagers in a healthy and holistic way. If anxiety and depression are a part of your story, you have a unique opportunity to understand and accompany young people, but only if you are in a healthy place.

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10 JPII Quotes to Inspire your Ministry

Post these quotes on your walls, memorize them, share them with your teens, or simply, just pray with them and hold them close to your heart. Whatever you do, “be not afraid” of this great task set before you in ministry. The Lord is holding you close and St. John Paul II has so boldly proclaimed His words of peace.

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Images of Faith: Evangelizing on Social Media

On the inside of soaring cathedrals were walls and windows filled with Christian imagery. Scenes from creation, lives of the Saints, and stories of the Gospels danced around visitors as they explored these churches. Even if those Christians couldn’t read the written Word of God, they could still take in the stories around which their faith revolved.

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10 New Worship Songs to Bring New Fire

New Fire breathes an air of revival, opening ourselves to the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit. Just like the disciples in the Upper Room, we receive the Holy Spirit, but then we are sent into the world to create change, to utilize our gifts, talents, qualities, and abilities, and to ‘stir into flame’ the gift that God has given to us all.

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Helping Teens Through Heartbreak

This is the reality of the world. Teenagers are experiencing things way earlier than previous generations. Most teenagers will experience some romantic heartbreak in High School. So how do we help them? Below are practicals to keep in mind when helping a teenager deal with heartbreak.

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Paperback books

The 10 Books You Should Read (or Recommend) this Summer!

If you were to exercise one new habit this summer, I’d HIGHLY suggest the habit of reading. With all the chaos in our world today, the gift of reading can be a source of refreshment you didn’t even know was an option.

In honor of dropping this fact nugget on you, here is a list of some highly recommended books — covering a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, and Catholic titles — for both you and the teens you serve.

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two girls and a boy

5 Tips for Running a Successful Life Night

We’ve all been there. Everything seems to happen at the worst times and all at once. Though we cannot always prevent the poorly timed questions and spilled dinners, we can prepare for Life Nights so that the food on the ground doesn’t seem as stressful.

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a zoom call

Quaranteam Jesus: Keeping the Lessons Learned from Virtual Ministry Moving Forward

If you thought that virtual ministry was going to be any less messy (literally or figuratively), you were sadly mistaken.

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a podcast microphone

Top 5 Podcast RN

There are a lot of podcasts out there right now. So, even if your big idea for a new podcast falls flat (just like your bar idea), there’s a lot of great content that you can engage with out there. Here are the Top 5 Podcasts every Youth Minister should be listening to right now:

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