Learning Radical Hospitality from Las Posadas

While I don’t necessarily live in an age or place where a young family might knock on my door hoping to deliver a baby safely, I do come across people who feel alone, outcast, and afraid.

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Black and Catholic

It’s hard being black and Catholic. As I read more and learned about the persecution from Catholics in the Caribbean, especially in countries like Haiti, I began to question, “What am I doing? Why am I Catholic?”

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Does Being Catholic Make me a Bigot?

There are many reasons why people conclude that the Church is bigoted. Often, I have found that the source of this struggle is a result of looking at the Church’s teachings from an unhelpful perspective or misunderstanding the nature of sin.

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Catholic Companies to Support this Christmas

What if you considered not only how they are a gift to the person you are giving them to, but how they are a gift to the seller – the person behind creating those gifts?

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Broken Cycles: The 5 Lessons I Learned from “The Hate U Give”

I just encountered art as art should be: creative expression that changes hearts, challenges minds and social realities, is timely and thought-provoking… and, ultimately, really, really well-made.

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I Love Thanksgiving

The slight drawback to going to Thanksgiving Mass is that we end up missing the majority of the Macy’s Day Parade (but free, amazing bread… plus Jesus… so the ‘sacrifice’ is nominal).

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A Time for Good Samaritans

Christian love can manifest in many different ways, but, right now, it would seem that at least one of them should be to put trivial differences aside, put our indifference aside, and stand unwaveringly beside our Jewish neighbors against violence and anti-Semitism.

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“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” …a Series not Worth Watching

I consider myself a pretty open-minded person and I do not like the idea of blacklisting particular pieces of mainstream media, but this situation, in particular, is one that I can’t — and I would say you — should not be indifferent to.

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I’m Hispanic… but I Don’t Speak Spanish

I often felt I didn’t fit in a cultural box. I wasn’t Hispanic enough, and I wasn’t American enough. This was especially difficult with my family.

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Welcome to “Trench” — an Album Review

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Twenty One Pilots is back. After the massive success of their 2015 album Blurryface, TOP just dropped Trench.

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