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How to Invite Your Friends to Youth Group… Without Being Weird

It is as easy as that. Talk to your pals about youth group and make the main focus a place for community.

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The Gospels According to 2019 Music

2019 was a year for the ears. Get it? Like, “a year for the books,” but for ears? Because we’re talking about music? No? Cool. Okay. Word.

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The Power of a Young Voice

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thurnberg had just entered High School when in August 2018, she began striking from school on Fridays to protest the Swedish government’s lack of action in climate control. Since then, she’s become a leading teen activist on the matter and even been on a tour of North America to give speeches across multiple countries.

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10 Things Every Catholic VSCO Girl Needs

Do you find yourself saying things like “sksksk” more often than should ever feel natural? How about your social media? Are you constantly posting, especially if something has the least bit of an artsy aesthetic? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you just might be a VSCO girl!

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The Truth About Being “TikTok Famous”

I scrolled through social media endlessly, including the oh-so infamous, TikTok. I found a solution to my boredom and decided to make a video, particularly about my unique (or so I thought) “type” I am attracted to. In a matter of hours, people were using my audio, reposting the video, sharing it, etc. I was living up to my high school superlative of “Most likely to be a meme.”

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More Than an Ally

Maybe you have friends who call themselves allies. Maybe you call yourself an ally. Or maybe you’re unsure of whether or not a Christian should be an ally.

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5 Thoughts on Kanye’s New Album

Kanye West has been, to word it delicately, a polarizing figure in our culture for the better part of this decade. There is a lot to talk about Kanye with this release, but here are the five things that I think Christians should know about Jesus is King by Kanye West.

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Representation in Media Matters

Our ethnic identity, the culture or background we come from and/or are a part of, are incredibly meaningful aspects of our good and God-given identity. That is what makes it all the more difficult when that truth isn’t proclaimed in the media that we consume on any given day.

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Why Death Isn’t Spooky

However, it almost always seems like this holiday stirs up a desire within our society to celebrate death and all things scary. Zombies, mummies, blood, vampires… ghosts and demons?! It’s almost like they are trying to scare us to death (hehe, puns).

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God in My Hispanic/Latino Heritage

So we asked YOU young Hispanic/Latino Catholics how you see God in your heritage. And let me tell you, you guys had some lovely responses. Here are just a few of the ones that stood out…

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