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Canceled Proms and Postponed Graduations

Whether it was through a Remind text or parent newsletter, high school students across the country have found out their proms and graduations are canceled. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same boat.

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Time Well Spent During COVID-19

While our daily routines are up in the air for now, do your best to have fun, remain healthy,  and invite the Prince of Peace Himself into your daily life. For some inspiration, look no further than… right here.

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Not Irish on St. Paddy’s Day

This is what I find most inspiring about Patrick: he returned to the land of his captivity, to the very people who mistreated him. But instead of holding a grudge or seeking vengeance, he showed them love and mercy.

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Holy Wokeness

Just as these saints and so many others have witnessed to us, our universal call as Christians challenges us to live in the world but not of the world, but this does not mean we are called to live in isolation from the current times. In fact, the Gospel has equipped us with the power to speak light and life into our world, just as Jesus did.

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Catholic Accounts That Aren’t “Catholic Accounts”

There are so many accounts out there that spread the Gospel creatively and courageously through photography, art, fashion, and everyday life. When Instagram content leaves you defeated, I encourage you to follow accounts that bring beauty and color to the Christian life on social media.

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#Hashtags for Change

Not every hashtag is one of cultural importance or one of moral quality for that matter, but this blog is meant to highlight a few that are bringing change to a world that desperately needs it. While we cannot go on a mission trip every day, our access to information, and the ability to spread that information, can be incredibly useful in living our faith in this day and age.

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Justice Here as it is in Heaven

Inequality or injustice, in any sense, cannot be ignored by Christians if we are aiming to achieve heaven on Earth. Ultimately, we are chasing justice on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

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Curbing A Social Media Addiction

No one saw it coming how addictive these little machines would be (except the people that designed them like slot machines). They SHOULD have seen it coming but didn’t. Now there’s really nothing left to do but to figure out how to get ourselves out of this hole.

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Martin Luther King Junior march

More than MLK

While MLK’s contributions to the confrontation of injustice definitely should *not* be ignored, we *should* make an effort to get to know some of the other Black Christians that made the Kingdom of God present on Earth through justice work.

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