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For several weeks you get to live in the beautiful North Georgia mountains or the amazing Hill Country of Texas, where music around campfires, surrounded by nature, and amazing Chaco tans are the norm. But that’s not why this has the potential to be one of the best summers ever.

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Failure to Communicate: The Biggest Reason Teens Aren’t Listening to Your Teachings

When we stand up to communicate to a group of teenagers (or anyone, for that matter), we need to understand two things: context and content. The context is the state of the audience receiving the message.

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The Struggle is Real: Helping Teens with Mental Health

You’ve probably had a teenager who has wrestled with this, and a significant part of your youth group likely experiences some kind of mental health issue. So how can you help? The good news is that as a Youth Minister and someone walking with teens in the faith, Christ gives us real tools to help teens actively struggling with mental health.

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Why You Can’t Form Community

We need community, and the good news is you are already part of a few, now get to work in transforming them from something where you are just a frequent shopper number into a place where you are sustained and supported.

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Friends Outside the Bubble

As leaders in ministry, we need to have a diversity of friends. Instead of surrounding ourselves only with fellow youth ministers, it is important to reach out and create friendships with those of different occupations.

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Masked woman

Bring it On, New Normal: Relational Ministry is Here to Stay

During the peak of the pandemic, with a mask on as her main weapon against COVID-19, Trish Vega would brave the streets of New York, walking from West to East Village once a week, just to check on me and teach me the four habits of discipleship.

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Friends or Ministry?

When working in ministry, it can be easy to confuse authentic friendships with those we are ministering with or to. While Christ calls us to love others, He doesn’t call us to be best friends with everyone we encounter. So what does an authentic Christ-centered friendship look like then?

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Steps to Take When You’re Trying to Serve Through Grief

When it hits you, grief seems to have a way of totally consuming you. Perhaps it is grief over the loss of a friend or family member, perhaps you are doing poorly in school, or perhaps you’ve experienced a break up. Regardless of what it is I hope you know […]

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