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The Gospel… According to Michael Scott

When telling people the message of the Gospel, we can sometimes dive into a deep theological discussion, which isn’t always helpful. We can easily confuse our friends and even confuse ourselves.

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Why Death Isn’t Spooky

However, it almost always seems like this holiday stirs up a desire within our society to celebrate death and all things scary. Zombies, mummies, blood, vampires… ghosts and demons?! It’s almost like they are trying to scare us to death (hehe, puns).

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The Possible Danger of Relationship Goals

For how often and how much we fawn over famous relationships and their respective dynamics, we can’t let this obsession become an imaginary standard, or twist our own #relationshipgoals into a direct reflection of what we see in popular culture.

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Authentic Sisterhood

Every hope I had for true, authentic sisterhood where women built each other up was shattered by the words of women who put themselves and others down. I lived in the comfort of shallow female friendships that only knew me by my appearance, not my heart.

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I Think I Want a Relationship with Jesus… Now What?

The longing you may be experiencing can be the first step of a journey for seeking truth. He only asks that you seek Him and cooperate with his efforts to sanctify you. But that can seem like a daunting mission. How do we answer the call of our Creator to deeper union with Him?

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A Formula for Forming Authentic Identity

Personal Brands and Muddled Identities The pressure is real: to look, be, and act a certain way… It can be exhausting. We create brands so others perceive us the way we want them to. Where is the line between our authentic identity and the personal “brands” we create? On one […]

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Honor Your Father and Mother… Even if you Don’t Think They Deserve it

However, even though we haven’t handpicked our parents, God still calls us to honor them. What does honoring them exactly mean when you don’t always feel like they’re on your side?

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New School Year, Who Dis?

On my first day of eleventh grade, a teacher kept me after class. He did not waste any time and told me that he didn’t care for any “punks” in his classroom, so I could either get in line or get out.

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Preparing Teens for Advent

On October 31st, my dreams almost came true. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to pass out Halloween candy from my house to masses of gleeful trick-or-treaters. It may sound trivial to you, but I have failed in this endeavor for the past two years. I would […]

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