Lent: The Cure for My Laziness

I recently saw this meme on my feed and thought “haha so true.” Then, I texted my friend to complain that I don’t have a great community where I’m living yet. Then, I went back to watching Fixer Upper until it was time for bed, said some prayers, and drifted […]

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Fasting Has Taught Me How to Love

Your vocation, your relationships, and your friendships will not work unless you learn how to love through sacrifice.

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I Started Praying with Mary and This is What Happened

For a long time I faked having a relationship with Mary. Even after I had a relationship with God, and leadership roles at my parish I just didn’t give it much thought. I didn’t even know how to correctly say the rosary until I did summer missions in college. So […]

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This is What Death with Dignity is Really About

As we come to halfway point of the year of mercy I need to come clean. I haven’t gone the extra mile, I haven’t picked up a new work of mercy to embark on during this time, I haven’t frequented reconciliation more or prepared better for my encounters with the […]

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That’s True Love.

He admired a love that was willing to sacrifice for the good of the other. He admired a love that was authentic and joyful in that sacrifice.

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Is This What You Call a Fast?

Usually I do the whole fasting thing to the extreme. I still take care of myself but I give up a lot of extra things like chocolate, candy, meat, cheese, etc. the list goes on.

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The Real Meaning of Faith

My understanding of faith even through high school was that if I tried hard enough to believe then maybe my faith would be strong.

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I’m Lost Without You, God

I felt like there was no one around me willing to help me carry the burdens I was trying to hold.

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What One Flight Taught Me About Anxiety

As we started taxiing down the runway and the anticipation in my stomach was building the little boy behind me put his hands up and yelled “WOOOOOO!!”

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When to Guard Your Heart: Proverbs 4:23

Your heart is the source of life. And in order to receive the gifts God has for you it must be open. It can’t be barricaded and kept away from the Lord.

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