Friends Outside the Bubble

As leaders in ministry, we need to have a diversity of friends. Instead of surrounding ourselves only with fellow youth ministers, it is important to reach out and create friendships with those of different occupations.

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woman and man eating ice cream

25 Ways to Keep Dating Simple

Here are just a few tips that might help you keep dating a little less complex and a little more simple…

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a woman looking in the mirror

Brown Skin Girl

Instead of recognizing my own beauty through the similarities I shared with my mother and sisters, I focused on the differences I had with other girls my age. I considered my differences from them as an absence of beauty. I was too focused on those differences to see the similarities I shared with my family; to see my own God-given radiant glow.

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coca cola drink

Don’t Just Give Up Soda

So, with Lent here, in full effect, remember not to just mindlessly give up something like soda this fasting season. Instead, take the time to internalize the sacrifice you’ve made and try to reflect on the sufferings of Jesus during this time.

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