Social Media Privacy Settings

A legitimate concern for parents over social media use is the accessibility that companies and strangers might have to their teens. This is a valid concern, and we’d love to address a few privacy features available on each of the most popular social media platforms among teens.

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10 JPII Quotes to Inspire your Ministry

Post these quotes on your walls, memorize them, share them with your teens, or simply, just pray with them and hold them close to your heart. Whatever you do, “be not afraid” of this great task set before you in ministry. The Lord is holding you close and St. John Paul II has so boldly proclaimed His words of peace.

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Paperback books

The 10 Books You Should Read (or Recommend) this Summer!

If you were to exercise one new habit this summer, I’d HIGHLY suggest the habit of reading. With all the chaos in our world today, the gift of reading can be a source of refreshment you didn’t even know was an option.

In honor of dropping this fact nugget on you, here is a list of some highly recommended books — covering a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, and Catholic titles — for both you and the teens you serve.

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Social Media app icons

The Detox I Never Thought I Needed

Ironically, one of the most complicated relationships I’ve ever had is my relationship with my phone. You all probably can relate to this same story: the one that involves the itch to scroll Instagram during family dinner or leave snarky Facebook replies late into the night.

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Today I am Grateful book

2020: Finding Gratitude in the Small Matters

At the moment, 2020 has felt long. It has felt arduous and unfair. It’s been uncomfortable and I’ve been tempted repeatedly to go mad by this plaguing question of “why?” It’s such a tempting question… After all, it holds the promise of fulfilling or, rather, filling our hearts with something we all desire: answers.

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person praying at sunset

Maintaining Peace in the Midst of a Pandemic

After beginning this journey with interior peace, I realized I wasn’t stepping back and quieting the human voices in my life long enough to actually listen to God, Himself.

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teen on his phone

Survival in the Digital Age

Flash forward to 2020 and all I want to do is throw my cell phone in the trash, my computer out the window, and connect in person with all of my best friends.

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ceiling of a church

Is Organized Religion Really Terrible?

I might not be able to fully satisfy every question you have regarding organized religion, but my hope is that you might start to better understand (and maybe even begin to love) organized religion, particularly, as it exists in the Catholic Church.

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heart shaped leaf

Compassion… with Emotional Boundaries

Empathy is a good thing; God gave us this gift so that we would be better able to care for one another with compassionate hearts. But, unchecked empathy — the kind that takes on someone else’s tragedy as your own and causes the spiraling — can actually be pretty harmful.

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a bible

Mass During COVID-19

While abstaining from public Mass is an enormous loss —- our ability to participate digitally (in this 21st century age of Live Streaming and video recording) is a huge gain.

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