The Reality About Reality TV

I used to work for E! Entertainment Television. I was the personal assistant for the director of E! News and one of my jobs was to stay on top of all things celebrity and make sure our competitors didn’t have scoops that we didn’t.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: My All-American

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God’s Justice is Better: The Church and the Death Penalty

If that doesn’t seem “fair,” it’s because it’s not. But God’s mercy isn’t fair. It’s scandalously extravagant.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: Little Boy

Little Boy has made Montverde a serious filmmaker. And it might be the most important “Catholic-made” film since The Passion of The Christ.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: McFarland, USA

The most poignant message is about empathy. There is real compassion for each character and their respective situations that undergirds the drama. Nobody feels like a cheap tool to advance the plot or proselytize a viewpoint. By providing an avenue for real success, Coach White offers his athletes a way out of the poverty cycle. But it is his athletes who inspire him with their incredible work ethic and family-first mentality.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: Dumb and Dumber To

The saddest part is that this sequel is significantly cruder than the original and is not suitable for teen viewing despite the PG-13 rating. It’s a shame because none of the crude moments were particularly funny and the film would have been better without them.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: St. Vincent

Despite the quality of the production, St. Vincent seriously misses the mark as a morality tale. Vincent is basically a self-absorbed human being, with some serious vices, who occasionally does a few things right. He is a completely believable and empathetic character, but not a role model; and definitely not a saint.

The way Vincent is honored in the end is emotionally moving but also demeaning to real saints; let alone people who live thoroughly decent lives.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: The Maze Runner

Well-executed but lacking in emotional depth, The Maze Runner entertains as an exercise in action and suspense, but fails to transcend its genre and provide a truly memorial experience worthy of it’s planned sequel.

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Help Me to Heaven: A Guy’s Perspective on Modesty

It’s safe to say that most guys feel the same way. You women are so breathtakingly beautiful that it can be very difficult to pay attention to anything else when you’re in the general vicinity. I once slammed my car into the garage door because I was mindlessly gazing at my beautiful neighbor on her mountain bike.

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Catholic Movie Reviews: X-Men: Days of Future Past

There is much to enjoy about this film for the uninitiated, but those unfamiliar with the series might feel a bit lost with the complex backstories, clouded motivations, and shifting allegiances. The pacing works for those already attached to the characters, but the newbie may find it a bit slow at times. Although much about the climax feels entirely derivative of The Matrix (down to the mindless “Sentinels” sent to stop our heroes), it is exciting and ultimately satisfying.

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