All is Gift… Even Discernment

God doesn’t want you to follow a map. God wants you to follow Him.

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Jesus’ Heart has Transformed my Own

No matter what you’re feeling, trust me, the Lord sees your heart. He already knows. But have you asked Him to see His?

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I Hated Christmas Until One Stranger Changed Everything

I hated Christmas. I wanted to love it so badly. I loved everything that came before Christmas day…

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How to Protect Your Heart: Don’t Get Creative

Emotional chastity is a commitment to allowing the other person to be who they are, rather than who I want them to be. It is rooted in reality.

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Calling on Mercy

Before an exam, at the end of the day, whenever the world seemed to spin a little too fast… “Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.”

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Sometimes You’re Not the Smartest Person in the Room

If you had asked high school me to describe herself, I can guarantee you she would not have said disobedient.

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How the Women of the Bible Became My Friends

In early January, my friend sent me a video of a spoken word by an artist named Janette, titled, “I Will Wait for You”. In the poem, Janette shares how she used to settle for men who did not love her well, hurting her heart and soul. This experience inspired […]

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