Play this game of over/under and we’ll tell you your ideal prayer style!

God likes to speak to us in unique ways and, while there are essential ways to pray as Catholics, we can each take on a unique prayer style. Find out yours by telling us what you think is overrated and underrated!

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Design an outfit and we’ll guess where we’ll see you this summer

Based on these questions, can we guess which Life Teen event you’re going to be at this year?

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Catholic Answers About Sex, Gender, and Variations in the 21st Century

Where the world settles for passing pleasures, the Church calls us to live for an eternal Kingdom. Oftentimes, this call is difficult, and every person who resolves to follow Christ will have to bear a weighty cross. Those who struggle with gender confusion carry a particularly challenging cross that the world would rather ignore.

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Answer these 3 questions and we’ll tell you which worship song you’re living

Find out which worship song you by answering 3 short questions!

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Tell us about your Lent and we’ll tell you what kind of Easter person you are

Lent can be a challenging season… but the glory that comes at Easter is amazing! See if we can predict how you’re probably going to celebrate!

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1-1-1: A Challenge for Lent

This season is all about detaching ourselves from the comforts of this world so that we can cling only to Christ, the source of our fulness of life. There are a variety of ways we can do that, but if you’re looking for a specific, practical way to dive into this season, consider joining The Living Person, who we’ve partnered with, to launch the 1-1-1 Lenten Challenge.

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A Sneak Peek at Ascend

Ascend is a lectionary-based resource that walks any reader through the Sunday Mass readings (from the first Sunday in Advent all the way through Christ the King). Ascend provides clarity to the readings by overviewing important connections, word definitions, background information, and challenges the reader to reflect on the readings through prayer, journaling, and action. Ascend successfully educates and empowers us to be fully ready to receive the Word of God at Mass on Sunday.

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Catholic Products You Need This Summer

Here are some of our favorite Catholic products you need to build up your summer wardrobe and reading list.

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Heart of God Wallpapers

As you enter into this theme, use these wallpapers to be reminded of God’s heart, the heart that beats for you.

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Salvation is Coming: A Wallpaper for Lent

Use these wallpapers as a reminder to enter into this season daily.

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