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Jesus in me… the Sinner

Yes, my sin makes me unworthy of eternal life, but His redemption has made me worthy and He invites me into this reality every single day. We don’t expect to encounter Jesus in our sin because He is all good and calls us out of our sin, but He doesn’t call us out of it on our own.

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What Being Pro-Life is Not

The associations made with and the assumptions made about the pro-life movement exist whether they’re true to what the pro-life position is really about or not.

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Catholic During COVID-19

Loving God and loving neighbor will look a little different during this season than it has in the past. It’ll involve a lot more social distancing and a lot fewer liturgical gatherings. But just because it will look different doesn’t mean the commandment has changed.

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If You’ve Ever Been Told Guys and Girls Can’t be Friends…

And knowing that God created human beings male and female but did not create men and women to relate to one another exclusively romantically or sexually, it would be silly to think that God didn’t create men and women to be friends with one another — and yes, even close friends or best friends.

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More Than an Ally

Maybe you have friends who call themselves allies. Maybe you call yourself an ally. Or maybe you’re unsure of whether or not a Christian should be an ally.

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The Consent Conversation

The fact that this conversation is taking place is encouraging, as we know that it protects and empowers many women and men. Consent is good, and any act of authentic love — sexual or not — requires consent since authentic love is never forced but responds to the free will of the beloved.

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“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” …a Series not Worth Watching

I consider myself a pretty open-minded person and I do not like the idea of blacklisting particular pieces of mainstream media, but this situation, in particular, is one that I can’t — and I would say you — should not be indifferent to.

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What to Make of What’s Going on in the Church

Regardless of your exposure to all of these things, the fact of the matter is that our Church is sitting in a moment of great darkness revealed, which means we’re living on the hinge of unprecedented renewal in the Church.

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The Darkness of Scandal and the Light of Christ

Even in a time like this, we can maintain bold faith in Jesus, in the goodness of the Church He established, in the goodness of the authority He established, and in His desire to defeat these dark distortions of that authority with His light.

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Confessions of a Recovering Youth Group Addict

I was the girl who showed up early to every Life Night, signed up early for every retreat, attended literally 6 Steubenvilles as a high schooler (how is that even possible?), and proudly carried my (somewhat intentionally) tattered Bible around with my everywhere.

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