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How to Celebrate Marian Feast Days

Did you know that the month of May is dedicated to Our Lady? It’s true! The Church gives special honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the month of May. And of course, there are many Marian feasts throughout the year, but how often do we actually pause to reflect upon these Catholic traditions of ours? Do we actually celebrate Our Lady in a way that honors and upholds her dignity as the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven? Here are several ways you can celebrate Our Lady’s patronage of the Church on any Marian feast of the year.

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Religious… but not Spiritual

We have the best of both worlds! As Catholic Christians, we can imagine ourselves at the intersection of the Religious and Spiritual. That is, we hold that it is possible (and if fact necessary) to grow in a personal, intimate relationship with the Divine and that each person embarks on their own quest to wholeness (for the betterment of themselves and others) but that one can only find the fullness of Truth within the folds of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church.

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priest and the eucharist

Never Enough

We must recognize that no matter how many virtual conferences or Instagram lives or Mass live-streams we attend, it will never be enough. But my friends. Do not grow complacent. Do not mistake this for the norm. We were made for more!

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Do I HAVE to go to a Catholic College to Stay Catholic?

Catholic schools are great. You should go to one if you feel that the Lord is calling you there. All I am saying is that Catholic schools are very rarely the sole reason why anyone (anyone that I know at least) stayed Catholic past high school.

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#MissionLife: How to Share Your Mission Trip Without Being the Worst

But in our social-media-consumed world, sometimes the first inclination when we go on mission is to come back and to post a glamour shot surrounded by minorities from an impoverished community to Instagram with a trite caption featuring a bible verse and cute little saying about how much more was received than what was given.

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Fear Transformed

I can say with full confidence that the Lord has transformed my fear of the unknown into a season of hopeful anticipation of what is to come. While I don’t have everything figured out, I choose daily cling to the truth that He is faithful to His promises…

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You Don’t Have to Shop: Black Friday Alternatives

Soon it’ll be that time of year again! Hobby Lobby will look like the inside of Santa’s bag exploded everywhere, and people across the country will be laying belly up on the sofa in a food coma from all the Thanksgiving noms. For most Americans, the festivities will continue into […]

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Dear Freshmen

I can reassure you that the feelings you have about this next big step in your life are valid and no matter how you feel, you can walk into high school courageously.

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How to Keep Growing Over Break

What are you going to do for a whole summer without these people? How will you continue to grow in your faith without your regular meetings, Bible studies, praise and worship nights, socials, and retreats?

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What it Really Means to Practice Self-Care

As good Christians, we are told to put our own needs aside for the good of the other, but there comes a point where we sacrifice so much of our own energy and resources that we no longer have anything good left for ourselves, our work, our relationships, or our spirituality.

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