Beyond the Walls: Five outreach strategies that work

So how do you reach them outside of the physical walls of the church? First, you meet them where they are at. So, here are five places where you will find teenagers and strategies to reach them.

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10 Fun and *Modest* Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

At times it can be challenging to find a costume that is not only creative, but also modest. So, I did my research and got creative to save you some time. Here are some Halloween costume ideas that I found.

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Helping Teens Through Heartbreak

This is the reality of the world. Teenagers are experiencing things way earlier than previous generations. Most teenagers will experience some romantic heartbreak in High School. So how do we help them? Below are practicals to keep in mind when helping a teenager deal with heartbreak.

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two girls on a swing set

Journeying with Reluctant Teenagers

Today, I’m a living testament to God’s sense of humor. You can’t tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor by taking me, one of the most reluctant teenagers, and calling me to become a Youth Minister.

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two girls and a boy

5 Tips for Running a Successful Life Night

We’ve all been there. Everything seems to happen at the worst times and all at once. Though we cannot always prevent the poorly timed questions and spilled dinners, we can prepare for Life Nights so that the food on the ground doesn’t seem as stressful.

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