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How to Invite Your Friends to Youth Group… Without Being Weird

It is as easy as that. Talk to your pals about youth group and make the main focus a place for community.

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I Surrender

Listening to songs, memorizing short prayers, and keeping Saints’ quotes around my room are the three main ways in which I respond to many challenges I face and continually give complete control back to Jesus.

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When to Say No: Learning You Can’t do it All

Trying to keep grades high enough to be in NHS, still participating in clubs, going to Life Teen events at church, and working out for 7.5 hours a day, my mental health evaporated. Finally realizing the toll all of this was taking on my mental and physical health, I knew something needed to change.

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Transforming Hurt and Hate into Peace and Love

I was tired of feeling like I was doing all this on my own. I had been carrying this large cross on my back with no one to help me. I knelt before the monstrance and began praying aloud, giving up my hate, anger, and pain to the Heavenly Father.

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If I had $1 Million…

“If you were given $1 million, what would you do with it?” “I would give $750,000 of the money to the Life Teen Haiti Mission Base.” When I shared my answer to the rest of my youth group, most people were a little shocked and confused on why I would […]

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