Where’s My Prince Charming?

Eventually the topic of guys comes up, and, on occasion, girls begin to complain about how there aren't any good guys left or that guys today aren't respectful or they don't open doors. Somehow as women we've created an expectation that guys, to be worthy of us, must look, act, and sing, like Prince Charming . . .

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Lazy Sundays

My second favorite day is Sunday. Growing up, Sundays were lazy, watch TV or movies all day in my PJs, don’t brush my teeth until 3:30 pm kind of days. Then after Mass and Life Night, I started my two hours of homework because the rest of day I was clearly too wrapped up in more important things like watching Men in Black three times in a row. I always thought, “Surely this is what God meant when he gave us the 3rd Commandment – Laziness, bad hygiene, and procrastination.”

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