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God in the Lyrics

I wanted to share these songs because they have helped me reflect on my own desire for Christ, and even when I am in the darkest moments of my life, God is there with me.

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21 Questions to Ask a Mentor

Be intentional with how you both think the mentorship would work best. Also, be intentional with the time spent together, and what conversations you have, and questions you ask. If you are having trouble coming up with meaningful things to talk about, here some questions to get you started…

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The Gospels According to 2019 Music

2019 was a year for the ears. Get it? Like, “a year for the books,” but for ears? Because we’re talking about music? No? Cool. Okay. Word.

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The Gospel… According to Michael Scott

When telling people the message of the Gospel, we can sometimes dive into a deep theological discussion, which isn’t always helpful. We can easily confuse our friends and even confuse ourselves.

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Finding Real Brotherhood

The apostles had each other for support; what makes us any different? I have been blessed to have multiple men in my life that love and support me, but the one that stands out, who is second only to my dad is my friend, David. When I met David, he was my Core Member. Now, David’s a real brother to me. Here’s what happened…

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