The Pursuit: Long Distance Relationships

Those that have endured a long distance relationship know it takes trust, communication, patience, and a million other virtues.

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“Why Summer Missions?” Former Missionaries on Why You Should Answer the Call

We are still looking for more men to apply to serve on summer staff at Life Teen’s 2018 summer camps. There are so many reasons for why you should apply and experience a life-changing summer through Life Teen summer missions, but don’t just take my word for it — listen to these guys who have lived it:

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Want to be a Hero? Stop Looking for Attention

The time is up for “nice guys” who do “enough” to feel good about themselves and move along.

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Making A Way in the Wilderness: Embracing Change

God did not create us as pre-programmed robots, He made us to have free will and the abilities to learn, grow, adapt, and adjust.

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Five Christmas Gifts That Don’t Come In Boxes

Temperatures are going down, lights and trees are going up, and that one Mariah Carey song is all over the radio. All of these things can only mean one thing: Christmas is almost here! This holiday season, you can pretty much count on a couple of things: Elf will be […]

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Men of God, Rise Up!

Being able to journey with those summer missionaries during my week of camp, and learn from the men especially, absolutely helped make me the man I am today.

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Keeping Your Faith on the Field

With the pep rallies and pom-poms though comes a tough fact: it can be a struggle to balance your playing time with your praying time.

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Reviving the Church: An Interview with Laura Toggs from Hillsong Young & Free

We had a chance to ask Laura Toggs some more questions about this revival and Hillsong Young & Free!

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4 Ways to Spread the Word: Jesus Is Risen

This is the classic “all-or-nothing” decision we have to make with Jesus. He either rose from the dead, or He didn’t; there’s no in-between.

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The REAL Pathway To More Success: Failure

But while Khaled’s pathway to more success mostly involves working out on ellipticals and watering flowers, I would like to propose ‘anotha one’, a very different pathway to more success — failure.

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