Jesus, MLK, and the Ongoing Cry for Justice

Christ calls us to remember that the cry for justice has been an ongoing cry.

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Engaging Hope in a Broken Family

The day after I had learned what I thought was the greatest news in my life, I found out my family was broken. I found out that half-siblings were not the norm. that living with only your mom was not the norm, things I knew before, yet I never fully grasped until that day.

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Men of God, You Are Loved.

Sure, striving to be better, that’s part of it. But the other part is never forgetting that you and I — just as we are — are also enough.

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New School Year, Who Dis?

On my first day of eleventh grade, a teacher kept me after class. He did not waste any time and told me that he didn’t care for any “punks” in his classroom, so I could either get in line or get out.

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Reclaiming the Patriarchy

Though this is by no means an easy topic to navigate, it seems that the root of the problem is simple: Why is one gender, in this case male, seen as superior over its counterpart?

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Esto Vir: Be a Man

Society measures manliness by the amount of women a man can “get” and his strength, both physical and emotional — which I started to realize is absurd. If we hold ourselves to the very low standards this world uses to define a man, we are weak.

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Getting to the Root of Catholic “Stuff”

Think about it: The Lord of the universe has blessed us with so many different means for devotion because He longs for us and yet, we reduce them to fashion statements. Are you kidding me?

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Don’t Skip Dessert: More Than a Cultural Faith

See, when I moved to the United States from Perú at the age of 13, I didn’t realize how ingrained my religion was in me. Whenever I had a form that asked me to check a box for “religion,” it was an easy answer — Catholic.

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